Zoological hatred of your Society!

Believe it or not, our research indicates that sometimes the meltdown can happen without even setting foot in City Hall.

Shocking, yes. But our special investigation has unearthed EXCLUSIVE public records proving it can happen!

Take, for example, the plight of one poor hills resident. A year ago, he sent the letter below outlining the clear, logic process by which he arrived at his anti-zoo position. His reasoning is hard to argue with. After all, no matter how much any of us might enjoy the zoo, I think we can all agree that it should not become a “center of the universe.”

Fast forward to a second letter, submitted a year later (the entirety of which is printed below). Gone are the carefully laid out arguments — the author has clearly, as so many of us have in the past, abandoned all hope of being listened to fairly, and has been reduced to incoherent spewing of venom.

So sad. Somebody get this guy some #tigerblood!

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