Wither the Acorn prosecutions?

Remember what a big dog and pony show OPD put on when they rounded up The Edge’s nephew and others in the sweep of the Acorn project? I swear, didn’t they roll in their with tanks? You will recall that police had been mightily embarrassed in the Chauncey Bailey Project reportage, which included the fact that the YBMB raid was delayed because two cops were on a camping trip. Cops made a big deal about the arrests but most of those arrested were soon set loose. (Hush-hush!) A source now reveals the reason. Word is a certain former police department official, under increasing pressure from the Council about incessant overspending, thought he could bring in a little extra cash by renting out spare space in the building. In the process of trying to make some extra room, he tossed all the department’s saved evidence. Oops! Now we really can’t arrest our way out of the problem.