Why you have to come to Uptown Unveiled on Thursday

I know, I know. Thursday night is the next meeting of the Central Estuary Specific plan, and you’re all just dying to go to that. (You should be, actually. It looks like it will be really interesting.) But Thursday night is also a huge event in downtown Oakland, and it would be like, a tragedy to miss it!

Okay, so I don’t know who plans a street festival on Thursday night. And I don’t really know why Uptown needs to be “unveiled,” especially when the neighborhood is quite far from being what I would call done. But regardless, this is going to be one hot party.

All you people who have said you want to see the Fox, but don’t want to pay $50 or more to go see some band you’ve never heard of? Well, Thursday night is your chance. This event will offer, among many other things, free tours of the Fox Theater (and the Paramount). And what else? Well, there’s:

  • Fun child activities: bouncy castle, face painting, crafts, clowns
  • Art instillations from NIMBY and The Crucible, and light-based media projected on walls
  • Skateboarding contest
  • Taste of Uptown: featuring samples from the many new restaurants in the area, live music, and cocktails hosted by Era, a new bar opening in July.
  • Pedicabs to get around, provided by Oaksterdam University
  • 15 bands on three stages scattered throughout the area (schedule here (PDF)

And one of those 15 bands will be the completely awesome Damon and the Heathens who really, are not to be missed. And this will be one of your last chances to see them before they leave us for a European tour. They’re playing twice, once at 6:50 and again at 7:35. Here’s a little preview of what you’ll get to see if you go.

"Istanbul" live clips

Video, of course, cannot come close to capturing the total awesomeness of the stellar show Damon and the Heathens always put on, so please, come down to 16th and Telegraph on Thursday night and see for yourself. And also, the rest of the event, spanning the entire Uptown area. It’s going to be a great time.

Full schedule and event map here (PDF).

7 thoughts on “Why you have to come to Uptown Unveiled on Thursday

  1. Chris Kidd

    Hey!! Don’t diss the CESP!

    …yeah, I wish I was going to Uptown Unveiled too…

  2. V Smoothe Post author

    You can do both, Chris! As I understand it, this Estuary meeting is being presented in a drop-in Open House format, so you can come and go at any point and not miss anything.

  3. das88

    what about the BPAC conflict? Even if they were providing punch and pie, I do not think I would go. Seems like this week it is all about the B with no thought to the P.

  4. East Lake Biker

    My NCPC (East Park) meeting is also that night.

    The BPAC is ending early at 7 so no reason to pick and choose.

  5. dave o

    They need a black bones tour for all the places that were rudely shut down in that area: Black Box, Sweet Jimmie’s, Cafe Ace, @17, etc., back when that district was “dead”.