Who’s on your ballot?

Okay folks, we’ve got 10 weeks left until this fall’s election. During that time, I plan to take a closer look at all the local elections (some closer than others, depending on how much that particular race interests me).

But for now, I thought it might be helpful to just give you guys a little roundup of all the local elections you’ll get to vote in. Below is a list of all the candidates in City, School, and Special District races that will appear on Oakland ballots this November.

I have listed the campaign websites for those candidates where I could find one. The titles after everyone’s names are the titles that will appear beside their names on the ballot. Where no title is provided, it either means that there was no title on the list I got from the Registrar of Voters or the list said “pending” in that space. I’ll check again next week and update as needed. Same with the links to the websites.

Okay, then. Enjoy!

Oakland City Auditor

  • Michael Kilian, Certified Public Accountant
  • Courtney Ruby, Oakland City Auditor

Oakland City Council, District 2

Oakland City Council, District 4

Oakland City Council, District 6

Oakland Mayor

Oakland School Board, District 2

  • David Kakishiba, School Board Director

Oakland School Board, District 4

  • Benjamin Visnick, Teacher/Parent
  • Gary D. Yee

Oakland School Board, District 6

  • Christopher Dobbins, Incumbent

BART Board, District 4

Superior Court Judge, Seat 9

AC Transit Board, At-large

  • Ellis Jerry Powell, Retired Tutor
  • Joel B. Young, Appointed Incumbent

AC Transit Board, Ward 3

  • Dollene C. Jones, Bus Driver
  • Elsa Ortiz, Alameda-Contra Costa Transit District Director
  • Nancy M. Skowbo, Retired Transit Executive

East Bay Municipal Utility District, Ward 3

  • Katy Foulkes, East Bay M.U.D.

East Bay Municipal Utility District, Ward 4

Peralta Community College Board, District 3

  • Linda L. Handy, Incumbent
  • Monica Tell, Public Relations Specialist

Peralta Community College Board, District 5

  • William J. Mattox, Human Resources Consultant
  • William “Bill” Riley, Incumbent

30 thoughts on “Who’s on your ballot?

  1. Daniel Schulman

    Hey V, thanks for the rundown.

    What about Abel Guillen for Peralta Community College Board, District 7 website:http://www.abelforperalta.com.

    He is the incumbent and running unopposed, but I see you list other unopposed candidates.

  2. V Smoothe Post author

    I’m so happy you asked that, Dan!

    I only listed races that will appear on November’s ballot. In Abel’s case, because he is running for re-election unopposed, his name will not appear on the ballot.

    Whether uncontested races appear on the ballot or not varies by agency. Many School Boards don’t, but OUSD does. Peralta, AC Transit, BART, and East Bay Regional Parks District don’t, but East Bay MUD does. Strange, I know.

  3. ralph

    What happened to Peralta CC Board District 7?

    Ah, I see that my birth mate had the same question. Can’t slip nothing past us. Thanks for the clarification V.

  4. Daniel Schulman

    A source has informed me that the reason why some agencies have unopposed races listed and others do not is that they have to pay for them. Some choose to and others do not.

  5. Barry K

    Jose Dorado, small business owner. Hmm, why isn’t he listed with his current title, either?


    He was co-chair in 2006 for Latinos for Dellums, and, was appointed to the Measure Y Oversight Committee ; recommended by Jean Quan and appointed by Dellums. Now he’s the Chair of MY Oversight.

    2 for 2 (Paging Marleen. Pagin Marleen)

  6. V Smoothe Post author

    Barry, typically, people list their regular job next to their name on the ballot. Service on City Boards and Commissions is not a full-time job, it’s volunteer work that people do in addition to their normal responsibilities.

  7. Max Allstadt

    Note that Don Perata is the only candidate who didn’t list his occupation on the ballot.

    I guess he thought that telling the voters what he does for a living would be a liability.

    “Prison Guard Union Lobbyist” doesn’t have the nicest ring to it, does it?

  8. Livegreen

    Or both. “Prison Guard Union Lobbyist & Visionary” does have a nice ring to it. Chuckle, chuckle.

  9. Daniel Schulman

    Max, I believe that just over $400,000 is considered part-time employment as a Prison Guard Union Lobbyist. As V explained above, candidates usually do not list part-time and volunteer positions.

  10. Max Allstadt

    Is it part time? I mean, what exactly do you do in that job? Make phone calls? What are the deliverables? How do you bill the client?

    And if Perata Consulting only has one client and that client it the Prison Guards Union, is Don Perata really a consultant and lobbyist? Shouldn’t he just get on the Prison Guard Union payroll directly? I think Don Perata might deserve to get a W-2 instead of a 1099, don’t you?

  11. Livegreen

    Seriously? As an “Innovative Prison Guards Union Representative” and experienced politician with all the right connections, he can generate new revenue streams for CA politicians new & old, while working to protect the interests (salaries and benefits) of the Union.

  12. Barry K

    you were doing some great posts on the Open Thread about the AC Transit giveaway contracts that contributed to the $65,000,000 deficit, and growing.

    High salaries, 100% paid health care, vision and dental and 100% paid pensions. And pay the 15%-20% of AC bus drivers calling out sick daily. It’s in their contract.

    Dax, that was an excellent report and graphs you provided; I shortened the google doc:


    What union contracts did Rebecca Kaplan approve of while on AC Transit’s Board of Directors? Did she propose any changes to the 100% paid pension or health care plans of AC Transit workers?

    Just a few of the union’s endorsing Kaplan now: Central Labor Council of Alameda Co (AFL-CIO); Central Labor Council; Amagalmated Transit Union (ATU); ATU 192,

    “The Amalgamated Transit Union is the largest labor organization representing transit workers in the U.S. and Canada.” But, obviously, not the deepest pockets!

  13. Max Allstadt


    A large part of the AC transit budget crisis has to do with a loss of funding from the state.

    Why can’t the state afford to fund transit? Because of years and years of unfunded pension obligations… approved by Don Perata.

    In terms of damaging budgets by sucking up to unions, Don Perata has done a thousand times more harm than any other candidate.

    During private endorsement interviews, Perata even promised local unions that he wouldn’t touch their pensions.

  14. Max Allstadt

    Also, Barry:

    The union endorsements that you mentioned haven’t been announced in this race as far as I know. Get your facts straight.

    What’s more, I don’t remember the exact details, but I recall a major dispute in Sacramento over Prison Guards benefits. I believe the prison guards won, further damaging the state budget.

    And what happened when Perata got termed out? He went mercenary and started selling his influence to the Prison Guards, for a total of $409,000 so far. That is his occupation, and the reason he’s leaving it off the ballot is that it’s the kind of information that makes smart voters want to throw up.

  15. Naomi Schiff

    I noticed a mention of the prison guards being excused from pension demands by Gov. Arnold, the other day, and assumed it was a Perata victory of some kind. Disgusting.

  16. Livegreen

    So why aren’t the other candidates pointing this out? In fact, the only candidate we’ve had do a neighborhood event is…Perata.

    Surprise surprise.

  17. len raphael

    Union endorsements aren’t golden anymore like Babara Lee’s benediction still is(can remember when it would have been Ron D).

    What percentage of voters here are union members, active or retired? Or as the Democrats’ national strategist put “not union but think like union” ?

    It’s the free labor from union members and the unions campaign expertise that’s extremely valuable. Do they only give it to officially endorsed candidates? Any SEIU execs in the audience?

    Regardless, if you have any hopes of moving up and out of Oakland to higher office, you can’t do it by gutting the pay and benefits of current union members after you get elected to office in Oakland.

    -len raphael

  18. len raphael

    SF is so much wealthier a city than Oakland, and it had a rainy day reserve. Newsom did not need the concessions that we need. Or at least he has more time before the next mayor will need more.

  19. len raphael

    Good news for 2nd tier mayoral racers, but another kick in the Oakland tush:

    City clerk saying the population has dropped below 400k for purposes of the League of WV threshold.

  20. Daniel Schulman

    On the other thread someone was asking some detailed questions about ranked-choice voting and how it works in practice.

    On of the candidates on Facebook suggested this website that has a cool little demo and explanatory material – http://eastbay.demochoice.org/.

    I do not know anything about this DemoChoice organization that put it together, nor did I review the information closely enough to verify its accuracy.

  21. Valerie Lopez

    The Office of the City Auditor’s mission is to serve as a model performance-auditing organization that delivers in-depth, unbiased, and meaningful results to the citizens of Oakland. We do this by identifying and auditing the areas of government most vulnerable to fraud, waste, abuse and mismanagement.

    Please explain why:
    In the last four years the Office of the City Auditor has issued only 28 reports.  Three of these reports were prepared by outside firms. In contrast, under the former City Auditor’s team (when I was the Chief Deputy), 190 reports were issued, all staff prepared.

    In 2010 representatives from the Office of the City Auditor failed to present even a single report before the Finance and Management Committee.

    So, the critical work of this office has been getting too little attention.

    The ineffective capacity demonstrated by the City Auditor during our current fiscal crisis is clear. FAILURE!

  22. Valerie Lopez

    Following her election, she told the press that she would immediately begin working on a citywide risk analysis, audit the City’s business and sales tax receipts, the redevelopment agency budget, and City. NOTHING!

  23. RdwithCypress

    Valerie, I couldn’t agree more. You failed to mention however that City Employees and Citizens alike are afraid and won’t use the new “Whistleblower hotline”, because those who did suffered terrible retaliation and were offered Zero on the promised protections.