Where is the outrage?

So, a funny thing happened to me on Monday evening. As I was putting the finishing touches on my endorsements blog, my computer froze. So then I went to restart it. Then it wouldn’t restart. Then I spent a couple hours on the phone with tech support, then at the store, and the end result of all that is, well, I once again find myself without a computer. Also, I lost that blog and all the notes for it.

I’ll still do endorsements, unfortunately they’ll be a little less detailed than I had originally wanted, and of course, they’ll be later than I’d planned. I hope to put them up tomorrow or at the latest Saturday. (I wouldn’t feel bad about this if so many people didn’t insist on voting absentee for God knows what reason. I love going to the polls!) Anyway, that’s the story with the endorsements and also why I haven’t been posting the last couple of days.

Anyway, I’ll keep working on recreating that, but in the meantime, I have a question. Why are people not up in arms over the police department? I swear, during that whole Deborah Edgerly scandal, some new enraged message would pop up in my inbox like every five minutes, people wouldn’t discuss anything else here on the blog, even though I wasn’t even writing about it, and all the listservs were like, on fire. Random people I know who take zero interest in government or politics were like, hunting me down and wouldn’t talk about anything else.

But now, I have yet to receive a single message, phone call, or comment about either of two very, very major OPD issues currently in the news. First, how has it escaped everyone’s notice that we keep having to dismiss charges criminal cases because a number of Oakland police officers, for God knows what reason, have been lying to judges when requesting search warrants, thereby rendering those searches illegal? And that we’re being sued over it? (Which, um, we should be.) It’s a big deal, folks, and people should be a lot more upset.

Which brings me to my next point, and this is one that I really, really don’t understand – did people, like, not read the story in the Trib on Sunday about the Chauncey Bailey investigation? I mean, I guess not, since nobody seems to know what I’m talking about when I bring it up, and even most of my media junkie friends admitted that they didn’t read it. It got fewer comments than that pointless story about Nancy Nadel and her chocolates! I really don’t get why people aren’t interested – I realize the story is long, but I think most people can find some way to squeeze the time it takes to digest less than 4000 words out of their busy days. Please, people, read this story.

Anyway, if you did bother to read the story, maybe you’d be upset about the fact that the Oakland Police Department assigned as the lead detective in a high profile murder case someone who was personal friends with one of the main suspects in that crime, and that detective then proceeded to completely ignore gobs of evidence suggesting his friend was involved. You might also be upset that the department apparently doesn’t see this as a problem. Or, hey, maybe you wouldn’t. Maybe you, like someone I was talking to the other day, don’t really care about the murder either way, because you think the Post is a bad newspaper. Or maybe, like someone else I was talking to the other day, just hate all police in general and assume corruption at every level.

But if you don’t fall into one of those camps, maybe you should step back and take a second to reflect on the deep, deep dysfunction in the Oakland Police Department highlighted by these two bits of news. Maybe you should take some time to consider whether you really think that this is an organization that deserves another couple hundred dollars per year of your money. You might want to think about whether the administrative culture of OPD is one you approve of, and if, perchance, it isn’t, maybe you should then think about the fact that we may be getting a new police chief soon, and maybe it isn’t such a good idea to promote someone from within the department for that job. You might want to pass on your thoughts on that subject to, oh, I don’t know, your Councilmember and your Mayor. And maybe, just maybe, you might want to try to make sure that other people are aware of the problems too. Because, folks, this is so much worse than Deborah Edgerly. Where’s the outrage?

39 thoughts on “Where is the outrage?

  1. Jennifer

    I am outraged! I read the entire article, and I was even out of town, nearly halfway across the world. I told my friend I was visiting about it, and she was outraged! I find the whole investigation disgusting and disrespectful of the victims. I just wish I had confidence enough in the mayor that we’ll end up with a competent police chief.

    I saw the headline about Nadel’s chocolates, and I couldn’t bring myself to read the story, given how incompetent she is as a council member.

  2. Allan

    “have been lying to judges when requesting search warrants, thereby rendering those searches illegal? ”

    Actually it is even worse than just these cases. If a police officer is known to lie, how can you trust any of his testimony, future or past? If this story is true – we will lose a number of of officers – plus unrelated cases depending on their testimony.

  3. Kevin Cook

    V, in the face of revelations like these, I always seek solace in the great American art form which tell us to “Forget it, Jake, It’s Chinatown.”

  4. Joanna/OnTheGoJo

    Just an FYI, some of us didn’t choose absentee ballots, but the county chose them for us. Despite all the work I did to get a polling location in the neighborhood, it turns out that it only covers a section, and not my own address.

    But then the Registrar’s office also originally promised that I could work the polling location that I got, but then changed their mind. It was Chinatown or Fruitvale, not the location I had organized. But then it turned out that it didn’t even cover me, so what the eff.

    Didn’t read anything about NN, but heard she was sub leasing from Barlovento. Blah, blah, blah. I know I’ll NEVER eat it, even if free. And I’m a chocoholic.

    I have been reading all the OPD crap, but I think we’re desensitized with all the other stuff that has happened through the years (Riders comes first to my mind). We expect them to be corrupt, especially in regards to the bakery. Oh, and now that we’re turning it over to the State AG, well, there’s a complete waste of time. JB was responsible for some of what went on when he was Mayor and didn’t do anything.

    Good luck on your computer woes. While many of us are busy with various election activities, I know that every now and then I come up for air to see what you’ve got to say!


  5. ConcernedOakFF

    Here is the reality. IT IS NO SURPRISE AT ALL.

    The culture of the City of Oakland has LONG been one of corruption in Public Safety. From the way that people are hired (catering to special interests rather than the best interests of the Citizens), promoted (people are often promoted for the wrong reasons, and others that deserve promotion are often left in the dust) and protected (people that are LITERALLY worthless employees are protected by their cronies in the Administration).

    This can all be traced back to the fact that the upper Administration of our Public Safety Agencies are faking their way through their jobs. Many of them are where they are only as a result of corruption, patronage, nepotism, and work dodging.

    The cover-ups and blame shifting that regularly go on would make a Joe or Jill on the street sick to their stomach.

    When people put POLITICS above PUBLIC SAFETY this is EXACTLY the culture you get.

    Blame the City Council, blame the Mayor, blame anyone you want, but the fact remains, until the people in power choose to make the right decisions in hiring, firing and promotion we will continue to go down hill with our Public Safety Agencies.

    Case in point for the Fire Department:

    This last testing cycle that made National News and multiple law suits due to the chaos it created. If people don’t remember, people were sleeping out in the street waiting for a chance to take the Fire Department test. Then people from the department and the city were going out and hand picking relatives, cronies and friends (including the Ex-Fire Chiefs sons). Thousands were turned away.

    But, like everything else in this city, it was swept under the rug.

    Guess what, we are hiring people off of this ILLEGAL list, at a time when we can’t afford to do anything with the city budget. These are people that we do not even need!!

    We will be left with more Firefighters per day than we need, costing the city money.

    We could have hired people already trained, certified and ready to serve the citizens in a very short time, saving everyone time and money, but instead we are hiring people with ABSOLUTELY no training, certification or experience that require 6 months of costly training to start.

    The Police Department works the same way.


  6. Max Allstadt

    Part of the problem, V, particularly in the case of Longmire, is that we’ve been fed this shit sandwich rather slowly.

    Did anybody see the Anderson Cooper interview last year on 60 minutes? We had a Deputy Chief saying on national TV that there was nothing wrong with the relationship between Longmire and the Bey family crime syndicate. And what about our Mayor, who refused to express regrets about praising Bey, and then has the chutzpah to speak at Bailey’s funeral? It’s not that we lack outrage. We have outrage to the point of fatigue.

    On top of this, the latest bad news has been dropped at a moment when everybody’s attention is on national politics.

    The only thing I can see to do is to start making noise about this again about a week from tuesday, when the champagne hangovers have worn off, and people might give a rats ass.

    That’s just a theory. My own experience, I waffle between being nauseous with rage and hoping that letting Longmire slide was a ruse to get more information and push the case forward. Unfortunately, my gut says the nausea is right reaction.

  7. Kent

    Well, I do care about this, contrary to our Firefighter friend’s opinion. My tax dollars getting flushed down the drain here. I read the headline and first paragraph of the OakTrib article on Longmire on my way to work on Monday and shook my head. First of all, why would the lead investigator be a police sergeant? Shouldn’t it be a special investigator? Or “Inspector?” Regardless, Longmire’s “big brother” relationship with Bey was apparently known – so his superiors should never have put him on the case. According to the article, that was Lt. Ersie Joyner and Criminal Investigation Division Captain Jeff Loman. They should be taking the heat.

    p.s. if the OakTrib delivery guy could be half as competent as the person who delivers the Chronicle to my apartment block every morning, I might actually get to read the paper on a more regular basis.

  8. len raphael

    comic footnote to this discussion illustrates my belief that Dellums and Brunner’s Prop NN funded upgrade for OPD gps and info systems is throwing good money after bad until you overhaul opd management and oversight.

    the part of the trib bailey piece described how a different part of opd had attached a lojack type gps bug to bey’s vehicle as part of an unrelated (as opd self describes it) investigation into maybe it was the kidnapping charges against bey. that group of cops determined that bey’s vehicle had been “stalking” bailey night or so before the murder.

    the group of cops passed this info onto the bailey investigators who then left it out of their report.

    -len raphael

  9. len raphael

    my impression is that there are parallel universes within opd and the ofd, that extend fairly high up the ladder: one group of extremely competent, efficient, dedicated people, and another bunch of connected incompetents. how they coexist is beyond my ken, but probably the hacks need a certain number of the other group to avoid total collapse.
    fosure, many large organizations have some similarities to this structure, but usually you wouldn’t have such vertical weakness.

  10. Max Allstadt

    Len that’s a little absolutist don’t you think? I mean there are probably also connected competent cops, dedicated hacks, inefficient but competent cops, dedicated cops without the social talent to make connections. A heirarchy of polar opposites like the one you suggest would be a blessing. The mess you envision would at least be comprehensible.

    Real institutional dysfuction is such an unfathomable tangle that when a leader actually unravels it for a while, we damn near deify them. Not that we should expect to replace Tucker with the second coming. A minor saint would probably suffice.

    V- any idea who might want Tucker’s job?

  11. ConcernedOakFF

    Len –

    I think you really hit the nail on the head. Myself and my fellow Firefighters and Police officers work with many competent, dedicated people that want to excel at their chosen profession.

    However, when the people in power are the worst of the bunch, and in charge for all the wrong reasons, this culture of promoting incompetence and corruption exists, and will continue to exist until people stop putting politics before public safety.

    When people are hired due to the desire to “reflect the community” rather than hired because they scored the highest on the test, that is politics.

    When people are promoted to command positions because they fit into the “good ol boys” network, that is politics.

    When people who should have been fired for absolute and total incompetence, but were kept because they are related to the people in power, that is politics.

    But in order for all of this to function, there are, and always will be the people behind the scenes quietly and efficiently plugging away and hoping for a shot to change things for the better, knowing that they most likely never will.

  12. len raphael

    MA, no doubt there is overlap, but my impression is a lot less than you would think.

    example of someone who seems both connected and competent, appears to Deputy Chief Jeff Israel. from what little i hear about him and my minor interaction w him, he’d be an example of why you might not have to go outside the dept to replace Tucker. Do i know what political favors someone in his position owes to have gotten where he did, i have no idea but probably a bunch. That might be why we have to go outside to get Tucker’s replacement.

  13. Max Allstadt

    FF -

    I know I’ve said this before, but why not again: How can we use the web to get decent and concerned OPD and OFD to start talking more? Do you think it would be possible for the city to set up an anonymous forum outside of the chain of command? Is there no way that folks in the OFD and OPD could express their opinions as their own, in a way that clearly separates these opinions from that of the agencies? Is there any way in which institutions like these, built upon paramilitary rank structures, can set up ways of speaking truth to power and maintain a functional authority structure? Has anybody even tried to accomplish this anywhere?

    I know it seems preposterous, but if there’s a core source of all institutional dysfunction, it’s the moments when power trumps facts. How do we make fewer of these moments?

  14. ConcernedOakFF


    The things would be said on any forum that the city provides would not be things that the city would like to hear. There would be nothing good coming out of this for anyone involved.

    There is no way a person that is a member of either the Police Department or Fire Department could make negative public statements about their respective Departments and not face immediate and severe reprisals. Maybe not in an official way, but believe me, there are many ways to punish someone that do not directly violate the law.

    Remember, the people in power are the rotten core of these issues, and people in power do not like to have the realities of their corruption exposed.

    What has to happen is a change in the philosophy that comes to these agencies, starting at city hall. When we have a real City Council and a real Mayor, MAYBE this will trickle down to the Public Safety agencies. But, I have no real hope for it, the problems are too entrenched by this time. It would take a generation to get the people that are ruining these agencies out of the picture. The problem is, in the meantime, they continue to perpetuate the culture.

  15. Max Allstadt


    What I don’t get is this: You’re getting on this forum and dissing the bosses, albeit delicately and vaguely for your own protection. We don’t get a peep from one other person identifying themselves as FF or Police. I believe there may be one or two OPD folks who occasionally make a peep or two, but we’ll never know who they are because there’s not one pseudonym with “cop” in it.

    Would some of the suggestions we here from time to time about moving FFs and police into city limits make other rank and file care enough about their city to speak up? Perhaps there’s a way to encourage more anonymous truth to power. For all my rants about transparency and signing your own name, I’d rather have anonymous truth than none.

  16. len raphael

    MA, in my occassional conversations w cops or their close kin, they’re very clear that they expect punishment if they gave very specific examples that could be traced back to them. remember, we’re talking cops here. their bosses might do nothing to investigate crimes but they’re hecka good tracking down leaks.

    making cops and fire fighters live in oakland, is cruel and unusal punshment and would be another addition to the list of non performance related items for hiring and promotion.

    -len raphael

  17. David Oertel


    I knew that the Fire Dept and the Police Dept were rotten. I’ve seen policemen and firemen and building inspectors doing sadistic and thuggish things to innocent citizens. But hey, my church was also dominated by sadistic and power crazed thugs who were completely indifferent to public service or even pedestrian moral values. Their whole motivation was to get as much money and “power” as possible and they didn’t give a rat’s ass about actually helping anybody. They even tried to liquidate the property to get a quick buck off of the heavy personal sacrifices that others had made so that this church could be here in the first place. Anyway, you are blessed by being capable of caring about others and by not being dominated by power mongering. Enjoy that “high” that you get when you help somebody. And I hope that you step up to the plate and get into a higher position so that we lowly townsfolk would not have to suffer so much.

  18. ConcernedOakFF

    David –

    Now hold on there. Those are some serious accusations.

    I can honestly say in my more than a decade in Oakland, I have NEVER seen a Firefighter do anything sadistic or thuggish. I have only seen a few things from the PD that were “wrong” and even then, the other Officers had a real problem with it too, reacted to it, and it was dealt with.

    I may get on here an lament the issues with our bosses, but by and large the people on the streets want to do nothing more than SERVE the people that live in this city, DESPITE the issues we have with our respective administration.

    The reason I bring any of it up here is to try and make it better.

    Making false and egregious accusations is wrong and does nothing to help this city.

  19. Max Allstadt

    I’ve actually been lucky enough to never have encountered a cop on the street in Oakland who’s been anything but professional in my presence. The most aggressive I’ve seen was a cigar chomping guy in a radio car who told me that the next time somebody jumped my fence and tried to steal my BBQ, I could kick the guy’s ass and as long as he was in my yard, and the cops wouldn’t write it up. That’s actually OK with me. Same thing with when they blocked off San Pablo for a while too long after stopping a dude with a rifle who was holes up on Athens Ave… It was pretty obvious that at a certain point they were just posing for victory pictures, but a bloodless end to a standoff kinds deserves a little party.

  20. Max Allstadt

    Yeah David,

    We’ve seen a lot of real OPd scandals in the press in the past few years, but you’re getting a little reckless there with the loaded adjectives and blanket condemnations.

  21. J-man's Dad

    Max, Len, & David:

    I am an oakland firefighter. I have lived here all my life. I’ve been outraged most of that time. Growing up here in the 70′s and 80′s, I had a real hatred and fear of oakland cops, based upon the way I was treated as young black male. After I got into the OFD, my attitude towards them changed to “they still shouldn’t be that way, but I sort of understand…”

    The rank and file of the OFD has a saying. In spite of our administration, we are still a pretty good fire dept. The few times I have seen an Oakland FF treat a citizen poorly, the rest of that crew are darn quick to put him in check, if not right there then certainly, and bluntly, back at quarters.

    I believe the reasons more FF’s don’t speak up on the forum is that only 10 to 15% of us live in the city. Rather then make us live in town, the City should provide us with incentives to live here. Low interest loans, home buying programs, etc. Reasons to invest in the community that provides for our families. I have had many firehouse discussions about why I pay for private school for my kids instead of moving out of town. With the crime and the problems with opd and the city government, this is a harder question to answer now then it was 20 years ago.

    Concerned Oak FF is right about the problems being entrenched in the fabric of things. Decades of short sighted political leadership are difficult to undo. I’ve spoken my mind and expressed my outrage at one time or another, to everyone from council members on the street, to council meetings, to every fire chief we’ve had since I got off probation. If it wasn’t for the efforts of our Labor Union, my family would be much less safe today. Firehouses would be closed on a rotating basis if not permanently, etc. The “Public Safety” discussion all to often just means cops, not fire, or medical, or technical rescue.

    So what to do? Pick something small, close to you, and start trying to make things better, a little bit at a time, and hope the ripples spread.

  22. David Oertel


    The crews seem cool but I don’t have a lot of experience with them. What I was thinking of were the fire inspectors. It seems like the developers would target certain properties and then the ex-city manager would use the fire inspectors, building inspectors, and the cops to ruin that person’s life. Zanaba at Cafe Ace was a case in point but there are others that I know about (Oaklandish, Black Box, even Alice Arts). The fire inspectors would make absurd citations, require that people remove curtains or have them treated with fire-retardant chemicals. I was inspected by four hostile inspectors. They were black, too, which gave me a false confidence at first. They cited me for having a recycling box on a porch. They said that it was “blocking an exit”. They also complained about the gate to the back yard being locked. Another “blocked exit” they said. I knew that the cops were mean and that they hated the oddballs and exotic people who made up about 95% of the population of Oakland, but it was devastating to see the fire fighters acting like cops, disrespecting community people. Can you speak to this, Dad? I would love to be somehow wrong about all this but I have to honor my own experience.

  23. David Oertel


    What about the inspectors, not the crews? I’ve met other people who had bad experiences with inspectors.


    I’ve had many bizarre experiences with cops here over the last ten years. Am I the only one?

  24. Max Allstadt

    David, I may be lucky with my experiences with OPD. Or I may be a white thirtysomething male who knows how to approach a cop on the street in a way that sets a tone of mutual respect. Maybe it’s race and the fact that I’m not a youth any more… makes me less of a possible threat, which calms the nerves. Maybe it’s the attitude. It’s probably both. Look, I have no doubt that there’s some misbehavior on the OPD. All I’m saying is I’ve been lucky enough to never see it.

    As for the inspectors, I’ve never met one. Everybody resents fire inspectors, because what they leave you with is an expensive punch list. I’ve heard of one unprofessional encounter, but I’ve heard of plenty more where a gallery owner or live/worker was a thousand times more pissed at the news than at the messenger.

  25. J-man's Dad

    The fire inspectors are civilian employees. They do not come from the fire fighting ranks. Most of them tried to be FF’s and couldn’t pass some portion of the entrance exam. I repeat: In the early 90′s, the Fire Prevention Bureau was civilianized. They are not part of our labor union, or our culture. There has been some debate about them having badges, dressing like us, etc. even though they are non-sworn employees.

    I’ve heard of more than one unprofessional encounter, and I’ve done damage control because neighbors/friends know I’m a FF.

  26. ConcernedOakFF

    I would just like to second J-Man in saying: The inspectors are NOT Firefighters, they are not sworn, they do not ride EVER on Fire Engines, they do not respond to emergencies.

    Many of them try to pass themselves off as Sworn Fire Department Employees, when they have never gone through an academy, touched a hose or thrown a ladder.

    I, for one, think they should have a totally different Uniform, since they are obviously being mistaken for one of us, which they couldn’t be farther from a Firefighter.

  27. Joanna/OnTheGoJo

    Wow, I learned something new! Thank you OFD commenters for setting the record straight for me. Recently I’ve heard about several questionable incidents with inspectors… One case where an inspector closed down a dance studio saying that they didn’t have proper permits during their build-out – they did. It seemed from my perspective, and granted I may be missing parts of the story – that it was clearly a case of going after someone. The unfortunate thing is that they did some major financial damage to this small business and all for nothing. The permits were indeed in order and why they weren’t given at least x number of days to resolve before being shut down is unclear. I asked why the owner wasn’t suing and was told that you can’t sue the City and win, and besides, who has the money?

    I’m glad to hear that it wasn’t a FF involved. This diferentiation makes a huge difference in my book.


  28. ConcernedOakFF


    All I can say is PLEASE call, write, complain to the Administration.

    It will never get better until the offenders get punished. Please have everyone that has an issue with them do the same. Repeatedly. Until you get an answer.

    Maybe you can slip in a word asking why they wear the same uniforms also!

    The phone number to call is: 510-238-3856 – Fire Administration

    Their physical address is : 150 Frank H. Ogawa Plaza Suite 3354, Zip – 94612

  29. Max Allstadt

    Wait, if inspectors aren’t sworn, can a property owner or lessor deny them entry if they don’t have a warrant? I thought only sworn officers of the law could use probably cause as a standard for entry.

  30. ConcernedOakFF

    Max –

    I believe by city ordinance that they have the ability to enter any building that requires a fire permit to operate, which in Oakland is any residential building with more than 3 units, all commercial occupancies and all assembly buildings.

    If you deny entry, which I believe that you can, they then have the right to revoke a permit, effectively shutting you down, and then they will get a warrant for entry if needed.

    A better option may be to identify the offending Inspectors and report them.

    I promise you, if you call the Administration, write them, or even better yet go to your neighborhood fire station, they will get the complaint to the proper person.

    Since complaints are rare, they are taken seriously.

  31. Max Allstadt

    While we’re talking outrage, there’s another story up. The OPD is refuting claims that the Bailey investigation was tainted. They’ve apparently put out a press release on the topic, which is being quoted in most of the dailies.

    But there’s a really easy give away that lets us know that OPD is worried about where the chips are going to fall on this one. None of their press release comments are attributed to an individual. It’s all the department speaking as an entity. No quotes from humans.

    Why? Tucker’s retiring. If any deputy chief put his name on a quote defending the Bailey investigation, he could totally screw himself politically. Fuck accountability, there are careers in the balance.

  32. We Fight Blight

    So in classic Dellums fashion, Mayor McNothing publicly reaffirmed his support for Chief Tucker. This occurred despite the growing controversy over the handling of the Chauncey Bailey case and the general feeling that Chief Tucker is in over his head when it comes to fighting crime. Tucker should be shown an early retirement plan and the City should hire a nationally recognized crime expert. Mayor McNothing continues to do nothing but pull the City down with his incompetency. All the while, the majority of the Council pushes for more taxes on an already overtaxed residency so they can play monopoly with our money and hire more police. It is interesting to see that when the budget was flush and our politicians were overspending all of our tax dollars on lots of feel good programs, they claimed that there was no money for more police. They simply could not find it. Yet, when faced with a massive budget deficit, they seemed to find the money to close a $50 million gap. This boils down to priorities. Asking for more tax dollars and then leaving someone like Chief Tucker in place to spend those tax dollars is simply untenable. The Chauncey Bailey problem is Chief Tucker’s problem and responsibility.

  33. len raphael

    I don’t think Oakand can attract a national level police chief. we’re too small to afford the big bucks and afu but with the problems of much bigger cities. either promote within or find someone lighter weight from without.

    -len raphael

  34. Jason

    I’ve only had good experiences with Oakland firefighters and police officers; my general impression was that the individuals I encountered were caring and professional.

    (I noticed that story about the corrupt investigator, though, and it was chilling.)

    The main problem with the City of Oakland is that it appears to be totally devoid of effective leadership.

    Who is going to run for mayor in 2010? Are we stuck with Ignacio? If we are, is he going to be an okay mayor? (I assume he’ll still want to run, right?)

    Considering that it will be two long years before the next mayoral election, maybe the recall Dellums people have a point. But who are we going to replace him with?

    Maybe a good reason not to bother recalling Dellums would be to have time to groom a hard-working, pragmatic, but progressive candidate for mayor of Oakland in 2010.

  35. ConcernedOakFF

    The problem seems to be we recycle leaders back into positions.

    Current Interim Fire Chief – Gerald Simon (ex-OFD Chief) who was well known for cutting stations, personnel and response capacity (he cut the Fireboat)
    Current Police Chief – (Ex Alco Sheriff)
    Current Mayor (Ex-Congressman)
    Current City Manager Bob Bobb (Ex-City Manager)

    We need new energetic people that are not corrupt and entrenched in the “Oakland Way”

    We need outside leadership to bring us back to reality. A new Police Chief, a new Fire Chief, a new Mayor, a new City Manager.

    A glimmer of hope for me is Rebecca Kaplan…but we will see if she can overcome the Perata machine….

  36. J-man's Dad

    Robert Bobb is not the city manager. His firm was hired as an outside consulting agency by Dellums to get to the truth of the current budget crises.

    The current (interim) City Administrator, the new name for city manager, is Dan Lindheim. One of Dellums’ old buddies.

    I agree about Rebecca Kaplan. A glimmer of hope.

    I’ve also heard that Jean Quan wants to be mayor. Rumor has it she told Ignacio “You’ve had your chances. It’s my turn.”

  37. len raphael

    my neighbor was trying to convince me that dellums is doing as good as anyone could in a tough situation. that he came into a herbert hoover situation where the ship was going down and he’d be blamed. then i said, no dellums is more a calvin collidge kinda mayor, and she laughed and agreed that dellums takes more time off than bush.

    compared to dellums inaction, any energetic appearing candidate would look so good we’d probably vote for our next mayor based on their age.

  38. ConcernedOakFF

    Jean Quan as mayor…god help us!!

    This again goes to my recycling theory.

    We need something NEW for gods sake!!

  39. len raphael

    is there any data on the insurance rates that oakland pays re. opd
    liability compared to comparable cities? ie. do the insurance
    companies consider Oakland to be average or high risk?

    over the years with the Rider’s settlement payout was 1 mill from the city and 10 mill? from the insurance co’s, that the rubber bullet incident at the port insurance settlement, the earth first settlement, and so on, must have raised our insurance rates sky high, wouldn’t you think?

    -len raphael