Well played, Rebecca Kaplan

OMG, Rebecca! Look at you!

Here you are, at a meeting, and you’re not wearing a t-shirt, a sweatshirt, or a baseball cap.

Rebecca Kaplan

In fact, you’re dressed completely appropriately for the occasion and look really good. Let’s try to make a habit of this!

3 thoughts on “Well played, Rebecca Kaplan

  1. Mary Hollis

    Beats looking like an extra from a female prison drama, that’s for sure. But remember, she wants to run for mayor so expect a sharper look going forward.

  2. A

    I don’t care what any council member is wearing as long as he or she is actually trying to make Oakland better.

  3. dontbotherdelores

    & where should she shop? A Diva’s Closet? Dress Barn? The options for women’s clothing in Oakland are few and far between.