Welcome back, dto510

dto510 is back with a new post on FutureOakland about an appeal (PDF!) of a Planning Commission decision regarding the conversion of a former MacArthur motel into condos and a promise to blog weekly. The property owner wanted approval for 19 units, but because the current zoning for the building only permits 15 units, the Commission approved only 17 units and decided that the other existing spaces should be used as indoor common areas to ameliorate the open space deficit.

Bizarre. Anyway, the Council upheld the appeal, but didn’t support 19 units either. The property owner is now allowed to use 18 of these already existing spaces as condos, and will have to reserve one for an indoor common area, because, as Larry Reid said, “Kids need a place to play.” Okay.

I’m disappointed in the Council for funding the police recruitment plan. I’m also a little relieved that it’s over. The damn thing has completely taken over my blog, and hopefully now I’ll have a chance to return to issues of land use, because there are some important things going on in that sphere right now that I haven’t given any attention to.

Anyway, go read dto510′s post. It’s good.