Was that Oakland’s new cathedral in a presidential debate?

By Dogtown Commoner | Posted at 1:12 am, July 24th, 2007 | Topic: oakland, politics, the press, blogging

There’s no cable service at Dogtown Commons, but we gather that Oakland blogger Zennie62 had a question in the CNN/Youtube debate, and filmed himself in front of the new (or soon-to-be-new) cathedral next to Lake Merritt.

Zennie Abraham seems to be a prolific political Youtuber. Two of his proposed debate questions were mentioned in a New York Times story on Monday previewing the upcoming debate. Unfortunately, Kit Seelye, who wrote the article, mangled things a bit, feeding various stereotypes in the process. Probably just sloppiness under a deadline on Seelye’s part, but sloppiness is still damaging when distrust of the media is so widespread. Every time a reporter gets something wrong, no matter how minor, the perceived credibility of the press is diminished a little more. So it’s important to get it right.