Wanted: Oakland City Administrator

I’m so confused. See, I thought that we had hired PFM to find us a new City Administrator, probably because that’s what Dellums said. But apparently not, because somebody else seems to be looking.

Anyway, if you’re thinking of applying, here’s the job description, posted Tuesday on the Western City Magazine website:

The City of Oakland, CA (population 420,000) is currently seeking an experienced, dynamic leader to join Mayor Ron Dellums’ administration as the City Administrator. Mayor Dellums is seeking candidates that have track records of successfully implementing comprehensive organizational transformation plans coupled with economic and community development expertise and strong financial management and budgeting experience. Qualifications include a Bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university and twelve (12) to Fifteen (15) years of progressively responsible city administration experience, preferably in a diverse urban community with a Mayor-Council form of government. To be considered for this outstanding opportunity, submit a resume and cover letter electronically as soon as possible, to: Bill Hawkins, The Hawkins Company, 6080 Center Drive, 6th Floor, Los Angeles, CA 90045 bill@thehawkinscompany.com Contact Bill Hawkins at 310-242-5672. Profile can be viewed at www.thehawkinscompany.com. EEO/ADA

Hurry up, though, because according to the full position profile (PDF), resumes should be in by tomorrow.

So, as far as I’m aware, the Mayor’s office never backed off their story that they had known Edgerly was planning on retiring since January. At the late July press conference when Dellums introduced Bobb’s team, he referred to their transition as “A plan that we anticipated for several months, and a plan that is on target and on time.” What is the timeframe here? I mean, Dellums said, back then:

I said all along that we’re on target…Our objective was that the previous City Administrator would retire at the end of July. That then would allow us to put our new team in place. That was always anticipated. That was anticipated well over a half a year ago, before the end of last year. So, we’re on target for where we are, where we’re trying to go.

What is that target? How long are we going to be without a City Administrator?

2 thoughts on “Wanted: Oakland City Administrator

  1. Jennifer

    I’m done thinking that Dellums has a plan for anything. He didn’t have a plan to run for mayor, and he certainly doesn’t seem to have a plan to run the city.