Want better information about Oakland development? Vote for CityPipeline.com on the Knight News Challenge

Ryan Tate, real estate reporter for the SF Business Times and author of the hospitality industry blog Covers has applied for a grant from the Knight News Challenge. His idea is awesome. From the grant proposal:

We will create a Web application to collect, map and monitor real estate development projects in the San Francisco Bay Area. The users themselves will contribute much of the information, moderated and assisted by editors.

A visitor to the site will see a map dotted with colorful markers representing real estate development projects, including both commercial and residential projects. The projects can be filtered by keyword, address, development type, stage of development, cost, completion date, size, height and more. Filters can be combined to produce a customized view.

This would be a wonderful resource for anyone interested in development around Oakland. In Tate’s words:

Covering real estate as a reporter at the San Francisco Business Times newspaper for the past five years, I have seen first-hand how poor information flow can leave residents blind sighted and worthy real estate developments derailed.

Go vote for it!

I’m reposting Tate’s entire blog about the project below:

I have applied for a grant in the Knight News Challenge, a lively contest to improve the news media through digital publishing.

My idea is CityPipeline.com, a Web hub for news and information on local real estate development. CityPipeline is basically a local real estate map that you can filter, search and add information to.

For each project, the map can or would eventually include:

  • stage in the development “pipline” (in planning, approved, under construction)
  • new leases
  • building sales
  • city council votes
  • planning commission votes
  • links to news articles
  • links to blog entries
  • related documents

I have a rough prototype running at sfpipeline.com (IE or Firefox, no Safari yet), which looks like this:

It’s sort of a Bloomberg terminal for local real estate, but on the Web and free.

Read all about it on the Knight News Challenge site.

If you have a few minutes, vote on the project too (click next to the stars; you have to create an account but it only takes a minute).