Two vacancies on Oakland’s Public Ethics Commission

I wanted to call attention to an opportunity I thought might be of interest to some of my readers. Oakland’s Public Ethics Commission is currently taking applications to fill two vacancies.

Here’s the announcement:

The Oakland Public Ethics Commission is accepting applications for TWO Commission-appointed seats for terms beginning in January 2011. Attached is an announcement and application. Please consider applying for a seat on the Commission or forward this email to someone you know. APPLICATION DEADLINE IS FRIDAY OCTOBER 29, 2010. Please contact Dan Purnell at 510-238-3593 for more information.

The only requirement for being appointed is that you have to live in Oakland.

There are, however, some restrictions you’ll have to deal with after being appointed:

  • You can’t work for the City.
  • You can’t run for office, or be involved in any way with any political campaigns. That includes donating, endorsing, or volunteering.

If you’re interesting, you can download the application here (PDF).

The deadline for applying is Friday, October 29th. So if this sounds like something you might be interested in, fill that sucker out soon!