Tweeting #oakmtg: Victory Court Scoping Session

Were you at last night’s Planning Commission hearing about the Victory Court ballpark proposal? If you couldn’t be there, but wanted to know what was going on, you could have kept up via Twitter.

For a while, I used to try to tweet like every Council meeting, but eventually that became kind of a burden, and now I only tweet meetings once in a while, usually when something particularly interesting is going on. I love it when others join in the fun. Every time there’s a meeting I wish I could watch, but for some reason I can’t be at, I’m constantly checking the #oakmtg hashtag on Twitter, hoping somebody else will write something about it. I especially love it when people I don’t know do it.

Anyway, a post with a little recap of the meeting is forthcoming posted here, with some video highlights, but for now, if you can’t wait to hear how it went, check out the narrative from Twitter last night. Or if you have like two hours where you’re not doing anything, you can watch the a video of the whole discussion below.

Victory Court Scoping Session according to Twitter

VSmoothe: Ha! Staff at Planning Commission refers to public waiting to comment as “the masses.” #oakmtg

MaxAllstadt: Larry Reid just turned out the lights! #oakmtg

MaxAllstadt: Aaaaaand here comes the main event. Great hordes of A’s fans making impassioned pleas that have little to do with the item at hand. #oakmtg

MaxAllstadt: Luckily, Boxer and Angstadt have figured out they need to instruct the public on what’s relevant tonight. #oakmtg

MaxAllstadt: Occupancy violation! #oakmtg

MaxAllstadt: It’s packed! #oakmtg

MaxAllstadt: Boxer: “we tried to have a Planning Commission Meeting and a rally broke out” #oakmtg

jimtrenkle: @oakmtg aaaand they are clearing out the chambers. Fire Marshall not so happy.

BeezySenior: Boxer is doing great. Can we just move planning commission over to CC hearing room and let them take over city govt? #civilized. #oakmtg

pamelagidwani: Uhh. Pretty sure “monumentous” isn’t a word. #oakmtg

Vsmoothe: Who goes to an A’s game and has dinner in San Francisco afterwards? #oakmtg

pamelagidwani: Wonder how many times we’re gonna hear “as an A’s fan…” tonight. Sigh. #oakmtg

pamelagidwani: There needs to be like a Taboo style buzzer at #oakmtg for the off topic peeps.

Vsmoothe: This speaker’s comments are not relevant and not productive. But I find him adorable. #oakmtg

pamelagidwani: Do people not understand that there IS a BART station nearby? #oakmtg

Vsmoothe: RT @pamelagidwani Do people not understand that there IS a BART station nearby? #oakmtg

pamelagidwani: Oakland resident with property near parcel speaks in favor of ballpark at Victory Court. Good to hear. #oakmtg

Vsmoothe: Speaker now is talking about how he is concerned about the trains. I like this guy! #oakmtg

Vsmoothe: Speaker calls 980 ballpark idea “absurd.” #oakmtg

pamelagidwani: Floating 980 ballpark would be a miracle! Too bad it has nothing to do with the EIR at Victory Court #oakmtg

jimtrenkle: @oakmtg I gotta say, I’m a fan of 980 ballpark.

MaxAllstadt: @Vsmoothe 980 park is absurd, but the idea of healing the rift created by the highway is seductive to me. #oakmtg

pamelagidwani: Happy my seatmate @skigurl appreciates my snark. Sorry for all the rest of you! :) #oakmtg

BeezySenior: Hate to sound like 1 of those codgers w/ cowbells, but as A’s fan almost since they got here, gotta wonder — is this just a drill? #oakmtg

pamelagidwani: 510guy speaks on point. Kinda. #oakmtg

BeezySenior: ixnay on spaghetti factory. #oakmtg #need better restaurants

pamelagidwani: Direct correlation between season ticket holders&lower crime in Oakland? Hmm. Maybe I need to invest! To prevent crime, of course. #oakmtg

MaxAllstadt: Has anybody asked anyone in Oak Center how they feel about a giant stadium in their backyard? #oakmtg

Vsmoothe: @MaxAllstadt The Oak Center neighborhood association is begging for a giant stadium in their backyard. #oakmtg

pamelagidwani: Pres of JLDA feels Victory Court is “less appropriate” than the 980 ballpark site. Would impact existing businesses too much. #oakmtg

Vsmoothe: Speaker now is curious about long-term impact of e-commerce on city planning. Okay. #oakmtg

pamelagidwani: Homeowners rep from Ellington condo bldg touts public transport & fwy options avail. near Victory Court. “Put it in my backyard” #oakmtg

pamelagidwani: Make parking cost prohibitive like at AT&T, people will take public transportation. #oakmtg

MaxAllstadt: WTF is it with old people and obsessive fears about parking? #oakmtg

MaxAllstadt: WTF is it with old people and obsessive fears about drunken marauding baseball fans? #oakmtg

Vsmoothe: Speaker who lives nearby: These idiots will trash all the houses on Oak Street. That’s what they are! They’re idiots! #oakmtg

MaxAllstadt: WTF is it with old people and obsessive fears about having their houses taken by imminent domain? #oakmtg

MaxAllstadt: @Vsmoothe on that note, I’m gonna get hammered and steal hubcaps from all the cars in front of VanKleef’s #oakmtg

pamelagidwani: Multiple calls for health impact studies in addition to EIR. #oakmtg

MaxAllstadt: Speaker: I want a workers utopia. And a pony. #oakmtg

Vsmoothe: Speaker: Are we gonna nitpick, and sit around and wonder whose gonna get their house torn down? You have to break some eggs. #oakmtg

Vsmoothe: RT @MaxAllstadt Speaker: I want a workers utopia. And a pony. #oakmtg

OaklandBecks: @Vsmoothe @MaxAllstadt Thanks for the #oakmtg Planning Commission tweets! You made me interested enough to turn on my TV.

Vsmoothe: Two minutes always seems so short when you’re up there talking. But when other people talk, it can seem SOOOO LONG. #oakmtg

pamelagidwani: “Losing traction with the current A’s ownership” is like…the understatement of the century. This is square one. #oakmtg

Vsmoothe: Speaker (a real estate broker) suggests alternative site for stadium: Wood Street development way out at the end of West Oakland. #oakmtg

Vsmoothe: Speaker’s argument for stadium at Wood Street is that all the land is vacant and he has 39 acres of owners eager to sell their land. #oakmtg

Vsmoothe: Commission Gibbs: Your plan isn’t going anywhere, but I’d like to talk to you about why you think it’s feasible. #oakmtg

Vsmoothe: Speaker: As far as the 980 stadium folks, come on. Are you serious? Did you see the 1989 World Series? #oakmtg

Vsmoothe: Speaker: I used to be an A’s season ticket holder until they remodeled the Coliseum to be prison-like. #oakmtg

MaxAllstadt: Chris Dobbins is here. I’ve been mocking his indiscretions for years, and he totally knows my face. AWK-ward! #oakmtg

pamelagidwani: Poor non-Oaklanders having to defend their hometowns tonight when they get up to speak. It’s okay, Dublin! It’s okay, San Leandro! #oakmtg

MaxAllstadt: Sanjiv Handa: Being dismissive of parking needs scares business leaders. That’s what killed Marineworld in Oakland #oakmtg

Vsmoothe: Public comment over. Comm. Gibbs: Want to evaluate displacement of businesses, measure what happens if we don’t keep the A’s. #oakmtg

pamelagidwani: Gibbs: optimistic but realistic. Need to eval. displacement of biz, if Oakland cant keep A’s, traffic, transit, health impact, jobs #oakmtg

OaklandBecks: Comm Galvez – this has been the most entertaining EIR scoping session I’ve ever been to. #oakmtg

Vsmoothe: Comm Galvez: This has been the most entertaining scoping session I have ever sat through in four years. // I completely agree. #oakmtg

pamelagidwani: Gálvez: most entertaining EIR scope yet! CBA on current/future jobs, flood zone, health impact, ped/bike quality, parking scenarios #oakmtg

Vsmoothe: Comm Galvez says she thinks 980 park should be considered as an alternative site. #oakmtg

OaklandBecks: Seriously Comm Huntsman? People are not going to take a ferry to a water taxi to see the A’s. #oakmtg

Vsmoothe: RT @OaklandBecks Seriously Comm Huntsman? People are not going to take a ferry to a water taxi to see the A’s. #oakmtg

pamelagidwani: This site has SO many public transportation options I can’t believe people think it might be an issue. #oakmtg

Vsmoothe: Commissioners very concerned about job loss for flea market vendors in Laney College parking lot. #oakmtg

Vsmoothe: Truong: make sure EIR info is avail to public, parking separate from site? mitigating traffic/health impact, rec Ctr, open space #oakmtg

Vsmoothe: Someone should tell the Planning Commission that nobody rides the ferry. #oakmtg

pamelagidwani: Boxer: excited by the fact we have gotten to this point. Demonstrates Oakland is moving forward. #oakmtg

pamelagidwani: Okay that was exhausting. Props to @Vsmoothe and @MaxAllstadt who do it regularly. #oakmtg

Vsmoothe: A’s item over. Open Forum speaker complaining about how Bentley School is arrogant. I wrote about them in April: #oakmtg

AntMoOAK: @Vsmoothe I didn’t hear this prpsl (wood st) but I’ve envsnd that2 @Raimondai. Have an old Oak trolley go up&dwn Wd toBRT. W/’seums #oakmtg

Tweeting meetings is fun

Tweeting the meetings you attend and using the #oakmtg hashtag so others can find your tweets is a great, low effort way to help keep others informed. I also find that it makes attending meetings a lot more fun. So sign up and join the fun. Just don’t take your how-to-use-Twitter cues from Jean Quan.

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