Tired of all these “nice words”

This local business owner has been driven to near madness by the Council’s shenanigans and incessant inability to LISTEN TO THE PEOPLE!

Happily for him, the Council, in a rare display of reason, saw the error of their ways and gave him what he wanted. (We think). Here’s to #WINNING!

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3 thoughts on “Tired of all these “nice words”

  1. livegreen

    We really shouldn’t have any parking tickets. People should be allowed to park in front of merchants as long as they want. Drivers who get tickets should blame the merchants and the City, who after all, are to blame for the drivers mistake.

    Besides, just like free parking, there is no place to look for free street parking in Oakland while in Emeryville, Walnut Creek & San Francisco there is free street parking (NO meters) everywhere!

    Oakland is the ONLY city in CA to have meter parking and it should be ashamed of itself! How dare this City Council!