Time to step up!

I’ll get back to elections coverage hopefully tomorrow, maybe Friday, and hopefully next week I’ll be able to return to Council goings-on, which I’ve been completely neglecting. Oh my! But things are busy right now, leaving me with little time to blog.

Anyway, I just wanted to take this posting lull to remind people that if you care about this city, and care about the City’s government (which, if you’re taking the time to read my lengthy ramblings, you must), then it’s time to step up and do something to help create a better Oakland. Obviously, I hope that my readers agree with me and support the same candidates I do. (I’m encouraged to find myself on the same side on this election as a number of my longtime vociferous critics.) But no matter who you support, please, don’t limit yourself to reading or talking, and step up to help out. I know that many of my regular readers are already volunteering their time in this race, but for those who aren’t: I know that you can find two hours sometime in the next three weeks to make some phone calls or knock on some doors. And if you can’t, I know that you can dig into your pocketbook enough to find $25 to give. Money matters in these campaigns (and every little bit helps), and volunteers matter even more. And if you really can’t find any time or money, at least take a sign! Put it in your yard, or your window, or keep it in your car and stick it prominently in the rear window while it’s parked on the street. Signs and visibility matter too.

Oh, to contact any of the City Council campaigns, scroll down the page and follow my links on the far right to every candidate’s website (except Larry Reid, who doesn’t seem to have one), where you should be able to find information about volunteering or donating, or a contact number to get you a sign.

2 thoughts on “Time to step up!

  1. oakie

    Thank you Mr. V. Smoothe, for this reminder. I can attest that this is very very true. I am working on one campaign, and it is a surprisingly small group of active volunteers. What we could do with another dozen people to help carry the load!

  2. Becks

    Thanks for making it so easy for readers to get involved with local campaigns. I’m volunteering for an Oakland City Council race for the first time and it feels so great. Last week I got to phone people in my neighborhood and talk to them about issues effecting all of us.

    I echo V’s recommendation and encourage everyone who cares about Oakland to volunteer and/or donate. It’s incredibly important for the future of our city.