Thompson gets it wrong

I’m not going to accuse Chris Thompson of being a Ron Dellums apologist. He doesn’t appear to be any more impressed with the way Dellums has used his first six months in office than anyone else. In the article, Thompson tries to list what exactly our new Mayor has done for the City. Unfortunately, he’s giving Dellums too much credit.

First error:

Here’s what Dellums has done so far. He has started reorganizing the Police Department, boosting the number of cops on patrol and reorienting the leadership around an area command system — a good thing, given how ineffectual the cops became in Brown’s last years.

Thompson neglects to mention that Dellums’s reorganization of the police department is not actually an initiative of his own. He has simply agreed to implement the recommendations of a report on the department completed in late December, commissioned by – who else – former Mayor Jerry Brown.


Dellums also organized an economic summit, where he presented a report on strategies to attract biotech and green industries. Bill Claggett, the city’s former economic development director, called it a welcome change from Brown’s obsession with housing construction.

Wrong again. Dellums did organize a summit, but the report with all those economic development strategies? Not his. The Chamber of Commerce commissioned that one last Spring. At said summit, Dellums announced that he would create a think tank designed to bring 10,000 jobs to Oakland within the next five years, indicating that he hadn’t even read the report he was there to celebrate.

2 thoughts on “Thompson gets it wrong

  1. Deckin


    Excellent work. A propos of this, have you seen J. Douglas Allen-Taylor’s maladroit attack of Thompson and threadbare defense of Dellums (no time to link, sorry)? My only question is, how far can Dellums’s defenders bend over to take it for that man? Guess what, from Allen-Taylor I learned that it’s not part of the mayor’s job to actually show up for work! Great work if you can get it.

  2. V Smoothe Post author

    Here’s the link. Not that I cared about Boggan being on the Clorox Board anyway, but the answer to JDAT’s question is two-fold.

    1. Two different writers wrote the respective stories. The Berkeley Daily Planet may be an exception, but most newspapers don’t require all writers to swear allegiance to a united political ideology.

    2. Clorox is a worthless corporate connection, in terms of what Thompson is talking about. Clorox is already headquartered downtown. They are not in a position to provide any investment capital.

    I sometimes wonder if there is anything Dellums could do that JDAT couldn’t find a way to excuse.