The world’s largest chalk drawing

Continuing the theme of sweet stories that cheer me up, check this out.

(Photo from the Kids’ Chalk Art Project Website)

This isn’t in Oakland, but it is nearby, and I really thought it was sweet. An artist in Alameda has spent like 2 years putting together this project where he brings in kids from local elementary schools to color a 90,000 square foot chalk drawing out at the Naval Base on Alameda Point, which, when completed, will be the largest chalk drawing ever in the world. ABC7 had a really cute story about it on Monday. If you want to help out, you can show up on Saturday morning to help fill in all the space that’s left before they take the big satellite photo at 11:20. You can visit the Kids’ Chalk Art Project website here, and watch a really sweet YouTube video about it here or follow their progress on their blog here.

And if you do decide to go, remember that you can get there on the AC Transit bus #63, just like all the kids have been doing for the last month.

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