Still on hiatus

So I said last week that I’d post an update today on the status of my little blogging vacation, and I’ve decided that I will not be resuming posting on any kind of regular schedule until February. I’ll probably write something short from time to time, or maybe post lists of links I found interesting just to keep a fresh forum for people to have their own discussions, but for the most part, I’m going to continue enjoying my much needed break, and spend my evenings watching The Wire instead of Council meetings.

In other news, I’ve prepared a little treat for my readers. My all time favorite Oakland blog (no offense to any of the great bloggers out there now) was Dogtown Commons. Dogtown Commoner didn’t write exclusively, or even mostly about Oakland, but did so frequently enough that the site felt firmly grounded here in town. On topics ranging from language to transportation to the environment to the media, Dogtown Commoner’s insight and wit delighted me every time a new post popped up in my RSS reader.

Then, one day last year, the blog just stopped. I don’t know why Dogtown Commoner quit writing – if he or she just got tired of it or moved or started a new blog under some other name or what. I am sincerely regretful that I never got a chance to meet him or her. I used to check in with Dogtown Commons every so often, page through the archives and admire particularly good posts, hoping that maybe there’d be something new. And then one day, the blog was just gone.

The fine folks at the Internet Archive weren’t able to preserve all of Dogtown Commons, but maybe about half the posts are there. Since most of my readership showed up here after Dogtown Commons was gone, I’m guessing many of you never had the pleasure of reading that blog. So I’ve taken all the posts that were preserved and republished them here. You can find them all under the category “Dogtown Commons” from the “Other” dropdown menu, and I’ve posted a list of all the titles below. I hope you guys enjoy it as much as I did.

July 2007

August 2007

September 2007

October 2007

November 2007

December 2007

Since the blog remained online for a while after Dogtown Commoner stopped posting, and then just disappeared one day, roughly a year after the blog began, I’m assuming that what happened was just that the hosting for the site expired. If Dogtown Commoner is out there and intentionally removed the archives because he or she did not want them online any longer, I will be happy to delete them from this site upon request.

3 thoughts on “Still on hiatus

  1. Becks

    What a great treat V! I too miss Dogtown Commons and was so sad to see the entire blog gone. I’ll have to reread these posts again soon.

    Hope you’re enjoying The Wire – I guess that means I’ll have to keep watching council meetings on my own, since you won’t be reporting on them. I encourage others to watch them too, either at City Hall or via KTOP on TV or online.

  2. Dogtown Commoner

    What a strange surprise, to open my feedreader on a Monday morning only to see things that I had written over a year ago come streaming in from A Better Oakland. It was very creepy, until I read the explanatory post.

    Thank you very much for the nice words, V Smoothe. I’ll send you an email.