State budget still in limbo, how to keep up with the news

Mini hiatus continues today here at ABO, but this time through no fault of my own – I was going to put something up today about the State budget and Oakland, but of course, can’t do that until they actually, you know, pass a budget. The Senate passed the budget last night, but it’s still tied up in the Assembly. Local government money raids and education repayments (the parts I had drafted my post about) are still being debated. Hopefully something will get worked out soon, and you guys can look forward to a post about that over the weekend or maybe Monday, depending on how much they end up changing things.

In the meantime, the best place for following the twists and turns of this budget disaster is, of course, Twitter. The #cabudget hashtag is a great one-stop shop for updates, and users ccleague, KQED_CapNotes, kyamamura, ShaneGoldmacher, and CapitolAlert are must-follows if you have a Twitter account and want to keep up to speed.

If you’re enough of a geek to want to actually read all the budget bills being debated, Around the Capitol has awesomely put them all online. If you’re an even bigger geek and want to watch it all go down, you can catch it streaming online at CalChannel.

Finally, if you find yourself getting more confused about the State budget every time you read a new article, or you think you’ve managed to get too behind to ever understand what’s going on, listen to the Capital Notes podcasts from this week and last week. When you’re done, you will feel like a budget expert compared to all of your friends. They’re entertaining, clear, and informative, and I cannot recommend them more highly.

One thought on “State budget still in limbo, how to keep up with the news

  1. V Smoothe Post author

    FYI for those not following on Twitter or watching live – it looks like they won’t be taking our gas tax after all!!