SPOTTED on Clay Street

Former Green Rebecca Kaplan may not have been fighting for a parking space, but she’s not the low-carbon diva she claims to be. One citizen caught her unloading her bicycle from a snazzy yellow Hummer a few blocks from City Hall. Pedal power, indeed.

3 thoughts on “SPOTTED on Clay Street

  1. Ken O

    Well, between that and the BioGolf, it’s all about burning up our last good agricultural topsoil out our tailpipes!

  2. Rebecca Kaplan

    Happy April Fools Day!

    Funny thing about this post, is that I almost fell for it, because about two weeks ago, my bike needed repairs, and so my chief of staff drove me and my bike to the repair shop to drop me off to get it fixed! (But he doesn’t drive a hummer, and it isn’t yellow). Thanks for the laughs!

    By the way, the bike shop, in case anybody is looking for one (in the Uptown area) is:
    -Rebecca Kaplan