So how adorable is this?

This really isn’t my beat, but I’m a total sucker for cute little kids. This was taken at yesterday’s “Mayor Ronald V. Dellums Invitational Youth Track Meet”:

I’m especially charmed by the little girl in the middle, who seems to be sporting the world’s biggest smile.

7 thoughts on “So how adorable is this?

  1. oaklandhappenings

    Two possible captains for Dellums:

    1) “look at me, standing twice as tall as some of these little people, while some of you are wondering ‘what the hell I DO all day’ !”

    2) “How did I EVER get myself stuck in this ugly suit in crazy ol’ Oakland, when I could be spending valuable time in Pennsylvania with Hilary.”

  2. MJH

    I stopped reading at “captains.” So I didn’t quite make it to the part about “Hilary”.

  3. MJH

    I think my favorite is the girl on the far right who seems to be being held up by the sign, as opposed to the other way around.

  4. oaklandhappenings

    MJH, thanks, but regarding counting, not me! At least I didn’t accidentally put an “e” where the “i” is in her name ;-) Anyway, pardon my lack of proofreading– I’m still up here at 3 AM, so the jetlag is apparently gone…hopefully my brain no longer is!
    Getting back on topic. Yes, V– it is a cute pic, and keep ‘um coming. How did this even turn out overall? Was it a big success?