Skate Park update

Nancy Nadel’s policy aide Marisa Arrona called me this morning about Tuesday’s post about the lies in Nancy Nadel’s campaign literature to tell me that the Jefferson Park skate park project has not been dropped, and that she has been working on identifying funding sources for the project for over a year. She says that the first funding source fell through, but that they’re looking at three different funding sources and that the project will be very expensive. When asked about the funding sources they’re exploring, she said they were confidential. This, of course, doesn’t change the fact that the campaign literature claims the project has been completed even though it hasn’t, with the line “transformed Jefferson Park into a skate park,” (as illustrated in the screen grab below), which was the entire point of my original post. But Arrona requested that the post be updated to reflect that she is working on the park, so I’ve updated as she asked.

Here’s a screen grab of the page on Nadel’s website I was referring to, taken Tuesday morning:

Here’s a screen grab of the page now, taken this morning

4 thoughts on “Skate Park update

  1. dto510

    As usual, a Councilmember’s staff is more interested in media spin than getting anything done. I don’t see how years of working without results allows Ms. Nadel to claim that she’s accomplished things that simply aren’t there. Was that all Ms. Arrona said?

  2. dto510

    Nadel’s mailer also claims that she “successfully established new Teen Centers.” Is that including the not-at-all-open teen center on Market St?