Shorenstein building update

Shorenstein revised the building somewhat since their original submission, so the renderings they presented at the Design Review Committee meeting last night were not the same as those posted below. I do not have the new renderings to post, although the design will be revised further. I’m hoping they’ll decide to make it bigger.

Here’s something I didn’t mention in yesterday’s post about the new Shorenstein building in City Center. Although the proposed tower, at 10.5, is at maximum FAR for the C-51 zoning of that lot, the maximum FAR according to the general plan is 20. 20! That’s almost double!

This just serves to highlight the huge problems with our zoning. Zoning needs to be brought into conformity with the General Plan, and it needs to be done in a smart way. That is, new zoning regulations need to make sense for their areas and need to be consistent with the plans we have already adopted to guide our future. Developers should not have to get variances and conditional use permits to build projects consistent with the General Plan. If you haven’t read dto510′s excellent post about zoning update, you should do it now.

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