3 thoughts on “Seat belts? Seriously?

  1. Alex Gronke

    They do have better things to do, but the feds give them money for the sole purpose of the “click it or ticket” campaign. They have to use their allotment by the end of June. I think OPD tries to get other things done while patrolling for unbuckled drivers.

  2. V Smoothe Post author

    Yes, the “Click it or ticket” campaign provides money for officers to work overtime to enforce seat belt laws. Don’t care. It isn’t a money issue. Given our dire shortage of policemen, I really think there are better ways to be using limited personnel resources.

    You know, it’s annoying enough for Lt. Ed Tracy to say things like this when you think he’s talking about dealing with actual crime:

    …when the cops aren’t around because we’re in the Highland neighborhood, or in San Antonio (district) handling another call. When that happens, it creates a gap in service and they’re taking advantage of it.

    Thinking that during that “gap” in service, we have other officers trolling Piedmont Avenue for drivers without seatbelts makes me want to puke. And is there a reason two officers needed to be in that car? Is the Piedmont Avenue seat belt crisis so dire that one guy just can’t handle it? Is everyone in neighborhoods that actually need more police presence, like San Antonio, super vigilant about following seat belt laws? Inquiring minds want to know.

  3. dto510

    Piedmont Ave shouldn’t have to fight San Antonio for a modicum of police presence. The problem is a dire shortage of officers, not the strings attached to federal money.