Sean Sullivan’s post-election plans

Now Chip Johnson wants term limits. I still don’t get it. Am I the only one who thinks that maybe term limits in Sacramento haven’t exactly led to a well-run State government? But hey – we get lots of fresh faces, so apparently that makes up for it. I still haven’t heard anything that makes me more inclined to support term limits for Councilmembers (although people are welcome to keep trying), but what I have heard quite enough of in the last week is bitching about the election results and how entrenched the incumbents are from people who didn’t lift a damn finger to help unseat any of them. Anyway, I have no interest in sitting around and moping about how unfair the the world is. Losing sucks. We’ll just have to do it better next time, and that’s that.

One person who is decidedly not sitting around pouting about the system is 2nd place finisher in the District 3 City Council race, Sean Sullivan. Sullivan will soon be starting an awesome new job as the director of development for Equality California:

In the past decade, EQCA has successfully passed more than 45 pieces of civil rights legislation for the LGBT community – more than any other statewide LGBT organization in the nation. Working in partnership with California’s LGBT Legislative Caucus, EQCA is committed to building a better future for all Californians by protecting youth, strengthening families and empowering communities.

Sullivan will be joining the organization as they ramp up to raise funds to defeat the marriage ammendment that has been placed on the ballot for November. The organization will need to raise millions of dollars to get their message out in the next few months. Sullivan’s experience as the director of development and community relations with a shiny homeless shelter in the heart of the Jack London District, as well as raising over $60,000 as a first time political candidate, demonstrate that he has the skills for the job.

Congratulations, Sean!

9 thoughts on “Sean Sullivan’s post-election plans

  1. Nancy Rieser

    Congratulations, Sean.

    I will e-mail you privately in a second, but I just wanted to say — here — that your political leap of faith HAS made a change in all of us. You have imbued sense of hope which it turn, raised the level of political discourse and mutual cooperation in district that has been historically fractured and Balkanized.

    Until the next election cycle, my friend….

  2. Max Allstadt

    Congrats from me too, Sean.

    Let it be known that I will gladly play my bass in the street for marriage equality.

  3. Rebecca Kaplan

    I am so glad that Sean will be taking on this important task. It is vital that California voters reject this anti-gay Measure. I want my heterosexual friends and relatives to have good lives too — I know that the fears expressed about the divorce rate and other difficulties facing heterosexual families are legitimate — the part I question about the anti-gay claims is the conclusion that denying equal rights to gay people will make straight people’s lives better. I am glad Sean will be working on this effort!

    P.S. Re: Term limits. As a general idea, I don’t like them because they cause good people to be ousted along with the bad — and in Sacramento, they have caused many problems. But, sometimes they also bring good people in. Perhaps “clean money” elections, combined with a larger number of voter signatures required, so our system rewards public outreach more, and money less….

  4. Max Allstadt

    I heard an anti-gay activist say the other day that we were “trying to force gay marriage” on her.

    As much as I’d like to force that ignoramus to marry Paris Hilton, and suffer accordingly, clearly that’s not what this is about.


    Term limits might not be a perfect solution. Did you see all the alternatives that showed up that thread? Would you be willing to champion the implementation of Measure O?

  5. Chris Kidd

    Oh man, the whole “making marriage stronger by denying it to same-sex couples” is the most ass-backwards logic I’ve ever seen. It’s not like same-sex marriage is going to drive heterosexual people into a divorce frenzy. Massachussetts has one of the lowest divorce rates in the country, and what else is allowed in MA? And some of the states with the strongest opposition to gay marriage also have some of the highest divorce rates. I know there are more factors than that, I’m just sayin….

    And for people who make it a religious issue: it’s not like they’re getting married in churches. It’s a courthouse. Deal with it.

  6. Max Allstadt

    I hope hope hope that the constitutional amendment fails this November. I’ll volunteer to help defeat it.

    But, if it succeeds, I say civil disobedience should be the next step. Domestic Partners should simply fill out all of their state taxes, driver’s license applications, and all other forms as if married.
    Check the “married” box on everything. If the government tells you you can’t do that, check “married” again. Keep doing it they give up. Pretty simple.