9 thoughts on “Sean Sullivan on Food Security

  1. Chris Kidd

    Woah, NN had quite the terse reply to SS in the comments section. She had a lot to say, but I found myself too often saying “so what?” So, at one point, a grocery store was in West Oakland that closed. So what? Why didn’t NN go out right then and there and start beating bushes to get a grocery store, *any* grocery store into West Oakland? So she talked to Trader Joe’s and Safeway last month. So what? Why didn’t that conversation happen *years* ago?

    Creating locally owned, Oakland-based companies would be awesome. I’m fully in favor of that. But baby steps, guys. Let’s see if we can just deliver some basic services first.

  2. Max Allstadt

    As much as I love your site, V, I encourage people to comment on this on theoakbook.com

    Better for it to be read at the source.

  3. TheBoss

    Ok. I obviously support the general idea here, as I’m a huge proponent of 99 cents only in W.Oakland and an opponent of Mandela Foods Moneywaster.

    That said, “food security”?

    What about actual security? I’m about to write a blog post about Oakland’s ridiculously high carjacking rate.

    I guess the two are sort of interconnected, since if you have to drive to Emeryville for produce, you might get ‘jacked on the way, so the closer the food, the less the ‘jacking.

    But seriously. This is the whole problem with liberals. Always fiddling as the town burns.

  4. V Smoothe Post author

    I don’t think that’s fair, Boss. Sean has made safer streets the cornerstone of his campaign, has a detailed public safety platform, and has the endorsement of the OPOA. You think he shouldn’t talk about any other issue facing the District? People need to be safe, but they also need to eat.

  5. Joanna/OnTheGoJo

    V – is the Safer Streets initiave the same thing as “safer streets’ that Sean is supporting?

  6. V Smoothe Post author

    Joanna –

    As far as I know, Sean is not involved with the “Safe Streets and Neighborhoods” petition campaign. It’s just safer streets, as in, well, safer streets. His platform does include augmenting the size of the police force, as well as increased use of PSTs, and using technology in ways that have proven successful in other cities.

  7. Ralph

    i am curious, how is it that west oaklanders have survived all these years w/o a grocery store?

    nn is smoking dope if she thinks trader joes is moving into west oakland any time soon. assuming w.o. has the right density, the area still lacks one thing that trader joe’s looks for – rich white people.

    i love safe streets as much as the next guy but i really hate the idea of ballot box management. get rid of the police chief but don’t tie his hands behind his back with ballot box measures

  8. Ken

    Ralph–Pat McCullough has publicly stated he will ask Tucker to resign.

    TheBoss–food security is a good thing, regardless of crime. With gas/diesel prices rising, the cost of food can only follow, as they did in the 70s.

    Lower cost locally grown food = happier healthier people.