Required reading

Between my work commitments and a visit from a family member, I have absolutely no time to blog right now. I will return on Monday. In my absence, I would like to recommend two wonderful posts on local blogs recently.

Dogtown Commons has an excellent post condemning pro-parking activists, and Living in the O has an equally excellent post about zoning on Telegraph Avenue. Everyone should read both of them. (Seriously, please, click through. I know none of you did so when I told you to read the McKinsey Report. But these are much shorter.)

BTW, I am changing the name of this blog. I love “Great Expectations,” which I named after one of my favorite books. No, not the fiction (haven’t ever actually read that one). The name was inspired by an excellent book about Oakland that very much informs my political opinions. Still, people seem to find the differing URL and name confusing (what was I supposed to do? was taken!), so this blog is now just “A Better Oakland.” Enjoy the simplicity.

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