Reminder: AC Transit service reduction workshop in Oakland on Saturday

Do you ride the bus? If you do (or even if you don’t), you are surely aware by now of the drastic service cuts in the works for AC Transit. I put up an overview of the proposed changes in Oakland last week, and I will be doing some more detailed posts about the plans for various parts of the City next week.

You can look at a list of all the proposed changes on the AC Transit website, and from there, you can leave comments about any specific line you choose to.

But the best way to give input on this, and to learn how these service cuts will impact your life, is to attend one of AC Transit’s service reduction workshops. The changes as currently proposed are not set in stone, and your feedback about how you use a line, or how a proposed change will hurt or help your commute can make a difference in terms of what eventually gets adopted. I strongly urge all bus-riding readers to attend.

The first Oakland workshop takes place tomorrow morning (Saturday, September 12), from 10:30 AM to noon at the AC Transit Offices, 1600 Franklin Street. The meeting will be in the 2nd floor Board Room. (Walk in the building entrance, go to the elevator, and press 2. It’s pretty intuitive. Also, I’m sure they’ll put up signs.

If you can’t make it tomorrow, there will be another Oakland meeting on Wednesday from 6:30 to 8 at the Fruitvale-San Antonio Senior Center (in the Fruitvale Transit Village).

2 thoughts on “Reminder: AC Transit service reduction workshop in Oakland on Saturday

  1. Tony

    I’ll do my best to make the ACT HQ or Fruitvale workshop. Anyone go to the ones this week in Berkeley or San Pablo? What’s the format like?

  2. david vartanoff

    useful links

    looking at the ridership dots map (1st link) note Total abandonnment of N Berkeley BART even though it is in the third from top ridership tier (scratches head) .
    On the soon to be severed 51 (3,4) ridership @ Rockridge although same rabk as N Berkeley is lower thanthe stops around Kaiser.

    Looking at the “platform hours” or total service hours, no distinction is made between local and Transbay services which hides the relentless drop in local servbice and does not show that the All Nighter Transbay services are separately paid for out of “earmarked” Regional Measure 2 funding.

    Also not shown in any of these docs, ridership patterns/fare hikes.