Recess, vacation

I agree that the Council doesn’t meet often enough. Meetings that routinely drag on until after 2 AM limit citizen participation and engagement in government, and there’s just no excuse, when agendas are this heavy, to maintain a bi-weekly meeting schedule.

But I am not upset that the Council, following today’s meetings, will be beginning their summer recess. Recess allows the Council and their staff some time to step back and work on things they will be bringing forth during the fall session. A lot of people seem to be upset by this. The Chronicle comments are full of people screaming about the Council’s six week vacation.

A recess from meetings does not equal a vacation. People can take a vacation during recess, and often do, because, well, it’s an obvious time to take one. But people need to stop acting like the entire Council and their staff is hopping on a six week cruise starting tomorrow morning or something. They’re just not having meetings. It isn’t the same thing at all.

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