Recall Dellums

I don’t want to recall Oakland Mayor Ron Dellums, but somebody does.

Thanks to reader Owen for alerting me.

17 thoughts on “Recall Dellums

  1. Ernie Montague

    Ron “doolittle” Dellums is exaclty what I was afraid he would be. A one time brilliant and innovative, progressive and charismatic politician who has become a placeholder and totally ineffective old man.

    Ron thinks the city does not need any more police! I am sure where he lives, this is true. Where the rest of us live (unless you live in downtown Oakland, where 14 cops will respond to a jaywalking) the police are only called in emergencies like murder. When I moved to Oakland twenty years ago, a phone call would get a squad car out in time to deal with a steet drug deal.

    I called the police when I witnessed an armder robbery a few years ago, at a local business, and it took fifteen minutes for ONE officer to show up, had he shown in five minutes he would have caught the walk away bandit. Nobody in my area calls the police for help, they don’t ever arrive. What good is a car that shows up in two hours for a crime that is happening NOW?

    Ron apparently feels the “people” of Oakland don’t want to feel like there is an occupying army.
    Believe me, Ron, the thought never crossed my mind.

  2. V Smoothe Post author

    In my experience, getting police to respond downtown is as difficult as anywhere else in the city. I have never been able to receive a timely response to a call after a mugging – now I don’t even bother calling, I just go down to the police station when I have time within the next few days. When my downtown apartment was burglarized several years ago, it took about seven hours and multiple phone calls for an officer to show up.

  3. M sanvista

    A ten year old is killed at his piano lesson by a stray bullet in mid-afternoon. Clearly it is not only time for Ron Dellums to resign, but, our entire inept City Council should be replaced as well. Every few days another young life is detroyed in our city. How many more have to suffer before we say ENOUGH IS ENOUGH???

  4. Jabs_and_jabs

    Dellums was a former congressman. Now, “Con” is the opposite of “Pro”, thus, congress is the opposite of progress.
    I was being silly but the above is rather telling of Dellum’s accomplishments for Oakland. I meant accomplishments that are significant to Oakland residents.
    I also hope the next mayor will help ALL of Oakland, not just one area. Nacho is great but he focuses too much on the Fruitvale area. Brown did help control crime, but only his neighborhood. May the next mayor leave some meat on the bone for all Oakland neighborhoods.
    I feel helpless and am not sure what I can do to help Oakland. I constantly think of ways and hope to get my answer one day. It would be far better to do something than complain or vent my anger in the comments section of various blogs.

  5. Mandela Parkway

    We need to get serious about recall efforts and start a petition. This city is falling apart. Crime is rampant, the streets are filled with pot holes and dark at night, property taxes are higher than San Francisco for much less sevice and the value of real estate is falling. Ron Dellums is uninterested in governing. He is tired and his ego won’t let him move beyond public office. Ron – if you love Oakland like we love Oakland – step down, enjoy your pension and retirmenet.

  6. SC

    I agree with all the comments.

    I was mugged last year by two teenagers. This was in broad daylight next to a busy street. I called the cops with blood dripping down my cellphone, but no, I never got through.

    My wife and I have built a family and life in Oakland. We are both responsible hard working folks who love the diversity and the myriad offerings of the city, but I think we are reaching breaking point. We talk non-stop about quitting the city and moving somewhere else.

    The violence is so bad that I don’t think it would be out of place to see the National Guard come down and hold the fort for a while. I don’t think pretty measures like community outreach are going to bring immediate relief. That’s part of the LT strategy. The ST strategy should be one of force and muscular police presence. Once the violence starts tapering off a little, then the police should scale back and more focus should be put on outreach. Obviously there are deep problems in the repressed communities that won’t get solved tomorrow, but we all have to start somewhere.

    We don’t need a greying uninterested gentleman. We need a young roll-up the sleeves mayor who can be tough and do the right thing. We don’t need someone who has no business getting involved in national politics – the presidential campaign. Ron Dellums, get off your pedestal and do something, anything.

  7. Enrique

    I suggest you guys start a WHERE IS DELLEMS? site to find the guy! I mean everytime there’s a shooting or murder in the city and I watch the news’ he seems to be everywhere but in Oakland. I think the problem with Dellems is that he does not want the job, YES I said it he does not want to be Mayor of Oakland. One clear example is that he is on the campaign trail with the Clinton’s, while his city is in a real state of emergency! He was brought into the leadership of Oakland by petition and sadly to say he should be taken out of the Mayor’s position by petition, RECALL DELLEMS! Ignacio De La Funte would have been a much more effective Mayor, at least he would be on board full time and know the city like the back of his hand. I seriously doubt Delllem’s knows where many of Oakland’s problems lie… He does not see the URGENCY of now!

  8. Schwa

    Enrique is correct. Oakland is desperate for real leadership and ACTION ! Dellums is clearly overburdened with the job and should have been left alone in his retirement.

    RECALL DELLUMS TODAY !! ( if you can find and wake him )

    We need action today, to bring jobs and money and safe streets to Oakland, not Ron’s 1970′s version of social engineering that will destroy this great city.

  9. Dr. Suzanne Johnson

    how do we go about starting a recall petition? Does anyone know the deadlines for putting it on a ballot?

  10. Bewildered

    With the attempted abduction of a Police Officer the other day I think the crisis point has been reached and we should consider the imposition of Martial Law to bring things under control. Once there, National Guardsmen could make up for the lack of a fully staffed Police Department until that situation is resolved. A strict curfew and all drug dealers off the streets at all hours needs to be enforced.

    Last but not least, how about a “Purp Walk” for Dellums as he’s taken to prison for his grossly negligent term of office?

  11. hope4thetown

    Are you all crazy?

    First of all, folks can’t talk about progress or being progressive and then talk about Ignacio De La Fuente. That is like calling Bush a socialist…it’s not real.

    if Ignacio was Mayor our great city would have been sold to the highest development bidder as long as his Union gets a piece of the action. He doesn’t represent progress, he represents thug-justice. Ignacio is the scariest professional-politician in Oakland, and we should be careful what we ask for…a Recall on Dellums could = an Ignacio for Mayor…and then we would be living in a Corrupt Oakland.

    Secondly, recalls are so expensive and he has what 18 months left? We need to be spending efforts looking at who the next progressive mayor should be, not talking about recalling Dellums..aka- move on!!!

  12. Max Allstadt


    I’m not as indignant about IDLF as you are, but everybody knows the guy has baggage. That’s why I keep saying “draft John Russo”. If you don’t know enough about him yet, look him up on youtube and watch him talk for a bit. If we can convince him to run, I think he can win. Smart, effective, centrist. What’s not to like?

  13. Blow

    Wouldn’t it be nice to have a mayor that for the first time in decades isn’t a crook? Doesn’t have felony investigations like Dellums and Perata. Wouldn’t it be nice if the city council wasn’t comprised of people like Jean Money Grubbing Quan and Nancy Nadel, possibly the most despised person in her own district?