Rebecca Kaplan on TagamiVision

 In this installment of TagamiVision, Phil Tagami talks to Rebecca Kaplan, candidate for Oakland City Council’s at-large seat. Kapland discusses her endorsements, the differences she sees between herself and her opponent, Kerry Hamill, her experience with policymaking and balancing budgets, public safety, and economic development.

If you missed the last episode, featuring Kerry Hamill, the other contender for the at-large Council seat, you can view it here.

7 thoughts on “Rebecca Kaplan on TagamiVision

  1. V Smoothe

    Hmm, anon. According to your link, Kaplan described herself as a “radical ashkenazi jewish reconstructionist,” then six words later, “eco-socialist,” in her brief biographical statement in the introduction to an anthology of essays about bisexual politics that she was an associate editor of and contributor to in 1995. That’s not going to keep me from voting for her.

  2. anon

    I too don’t care about the other descriptors (“ashkenazi, bisexual, etc.”) which is why I put in an ellipsis. They have no relevance to city governance. “Radical” and “eco-socialist” may, however, and I would like clarification on what exactly they mean.

  3. V Smoothe

    You don’t know what radical means? I think it’s intellectually dishonest to extract twelve words, leaving two, spaced far apart from a 14 word sentence and call the result a self-description. The same with totally ignoring the context. If you don’t like Kaplan, that’s fine, but I really hope most Oaklanders will be making their decisions based on something somewhat more substantive. This reeks of desperation.

  4. anon

    Hey, I’m just asking the question. I have no desire to put words into Reb’s mouth; she can obviously speak for herself. I do think someone’s political belief structure/ideology/whatever is substantive and relevant; that’s why I vote for liberals rather than conservatives.

    Should this be the only criteria we use in November? Of course not. Would it be helpful to know? I think so.

  5. V Smoothe

    Helpful to know a candidate’s political belief structure? Yes, I agree that is helpful. That’s why I consider their positions and also ask them questions. It just seems really pointless to me to sit around picking and choosing words from statements made in totally different contexts, then ignoring those contexts, and obsessing over them.

    I mean, if that was the level of discourse I wanted on the blog, then I’d be writing posts mocking Hamill’s inane call on her “website” for us to invest in our trees together, whatever that means. But I think the selection of a new Councilmember from two quite qualified candidates deserves more serious consideration than that.