Pseudonymous posting

As I said yesterday, I encourage my readers to use pseudonyms when commenting if they feel more comfortable doing so. I respectfully ask users to adopt a handle a retain it over time. For future reference, I’d like everyone to know that when you leave a comment, I can see where you’re posting from. I certainly don’t make a habit of looking at this, and for the most part, I don’t care at all. (And by the way, there’s no need to leave a fake e-mail address when you comment. I’m the only one who will ever see it, and I am not going to put you on some kind of mailing list or expose your identity to anyone. The only time I’ll ever use it is if I want to contact you about something privately, and even that’s fairly rare.)

But I do not want to see anyone spamming my blog with slanderous comments about a local political figure under seven different handles in a 24 hour period posted from the exact same IP address ever again. I will inform my readers that you’re doing so.

UPDATE: To clairfy, since my post appears to have caused a lot of confusion – the person using multiple handles was making anti-Ignacio comments.

4 thoughts on “Pseudonymous posting

  1. Max Allstadt

    Hmmm… I wonder which political figure she’s talking about.

    And I’m beating a dead horse here, but as far as pseudonyms go, let’s make them obvious. Saying your name is Rebecca Takeshi when it’s really Jack Mackerel is dishonest. Saying your name is JM or Mr. Fishy when your name is really Jack Mackerel is just protecting your privacy. While the latter isn’t brave, its still not dishonest.

  2. josh abrams

    Well I’ll say that my name isn’t Josh Abrams, but I happen to like posting under that name – and couldn’t use my real one for many, many reasons… would you like me to amend it to “Josh Abrams (not actually a real person, except for sometimes in my head when he is)”?


  3. Max Allstadt

    Not like I can stop you, but really, why isn’t it the right thing to do to make it clear who’s anonymous and who isn’t?

  4. RDC


    Like you said, you are beating a dead horse and you have beaten it beyond recognition. People can use any handle they like and they are accountable on this site for their comments and thats it. Why does it matter if you think their name is real or not? Are you looking people’s names up somewhere?

    -Coward McCowardly

    or is it………………..?