Chris Kidd – Planning on the Estuary III: The Visioning

Good evening, ABOers.  I know we’re all having a great time arguing about taxes, the budget and self storage – so I’ll keep things short.

Project Area Map

Tomorrow night is the second community stakeholder meeting for the Central Estuary Specific Plan.  You can read my previous posts about the CESP here and here.  What’s more, DJ Crimson had an awesome post about his observations at the first meeting.  He was totally right: that guy did look like McBain.  For those disinclined to click through, the first meeting essentially asked people what they liked about the CESP area, what they didn’t, what they’d change, and what they liked in the waterfronts of other cities.

The meeting tomorrow night is classified as “Visioning and Healthy Development”.  From what I have heard, that means the firms running the specific plan will bring to the meeting their bare-bones ideas for what they want to do to the CESP area and solicit the advice of those in attendance.  I highly recommend anyone and everyone who has even an inkling of interest to attend.  The later stakeholder meetings (this is the 2nd out of 8 ) will deal with much smaller and more focused issues.  The project is still in a “big vision” stage and your input could have a strong positive effect upon it.

All the info for the meeting is here, as it will be for the remainder of the specific plan process.  What’s great about this website is they also put up the notes for all the different focus group from the previous meetings (so you can back-check me if you think I’m some sort of misguided urbanist developer plant – oh, the horror!).

Again, it’ll be in the Fruitvale Transit Village at 3301 E. 12th St., Suite 201 from 7:00 – 9:00 PM.  It’s on the second floor on the E. 12th street side of the village.  There were lots of snacks at the meeting as well as coffee and water.  And afterwards, go get yourself a burrito in the Fruitvale.  This place rocks.  And get some ice cream here.

3 thoughts on “Chris Kidd – Planning on the Estuary III: The Visioning

  1. V Smoothe

    Chris, I love your posts, but it’s time for a new title.

    People should go to this meeting, though. Oakland’s waterfront is an incredible, and scandalously underutilized resource.

  2. OnTheGoJo/Joanna

    I’m going… not sure why exactly, but I’m going. I care about the Estuary and love to bike in this area… maybe that’s why.

    If it’s at all like the early Oak to 9th meetings, I’ll be leaving early. ;) That burrito at El Huarche Azteca (as seen on Check Please, Bay Area) was yummy, but I haven’t been back in years. Hmmm, I wonder if I’ll even make it to the meeting now that I’m thinking about a burrito?