Pat Kernighan. Usually pretty well dressed.

Pat Kernighan is really well dressed. Like, she actually looks really good almost all the time. As opposed to most of the Council who for the most part do a decent job avoiding looking ridiculous, but you would almost never look at them and think, like, “Oh, that outfit is really nice.”

But with Pat, not only are her outfits nice enough to be actually noteworthy probably at least half the time, it is also nearly impossible to catch her looking bad. I can only think of one time, when I saw her at a community meeting and she was wearing this like, truly hideous plaid jacket or something. And pants that clashed with it and a really ugly belt too. It was a while ago, so I can’t remember all the details of the outfit, but it was like, bad enough to notice it across the room. I talked to her for a while that night and spent the entire time trying to figure out a way I could snap a picture of her with my cell phone without her noticing. Or concoct some excuse to get her to pose for a photo that didn’t sound totally stupid. But she left before I could finalize my scheme.

So as far as I can tell, this is pretty much the worst Pat has looked at any meeting over the last year.

Pat Kernighan

As usual, the jacket and shirt are quite nice. But that is one astoundingly ugly pin.

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