O.M.G.! Chang and Hamill don’t file for at-large Council race!

So I was working on something else and couldn’t make it to the City Clerk’s office today to check out who filed for Council races (today was the deadline). But one of my correspondents just informed me that neither Henry Chang nor Kerry Hamill filed papers! OMG! Since the incumbent is not running, the at-large filing deadline is extended and Kerry Hamill still has a chance to submit her papers.

Anyway, that leaves Oakland Globe columnist, former AC Transit director, and former Planning Commissioner Clinton Killian, AC Transit director Rebecca Kaplan, and police staffing advocate Charles Pine as the contenders for the at-large Council seat.

Update: How handy. The Chronicle confirmed it for me. Although I heard there was a fifth person in the District 3 race, who isn’t mentioned in the Chronicle. Someone named Alan Brown?

Update again: She filed.

5 thoughts on “O.M.G.! Chang and Hamill don’t file for at-large Council race!

  1. Rebecca Kaplan

    Yes, it was pretty interesting inside the city clerk’s office at 4:45pm. (I had filed earlier in the day, but I returned, to see who else had filed).

    There were many people coming by to see if Henry Chang had filed, (the room got very crowded for a little while) including many people who were surprised that he did not. Now, the filing deadline is extended to this Weds.

    And the election is coming up quickly — on June 3rd.

    It should be an interesting 3 months. Especially, given the focus on the Presidential race, many in Oakland may be surprised to learn that local elections are coming soon.

    Thanks for letting people know.

  2. Jonathan C. Breault

    Henry Chang, as unlikely a political figure as anyone could ever have imagined, did not decide to retire and not seek another term without consulting with those political operators to whom he is most beholden. In short, he was “put” into the at-large seat by the same people who will put Kerry Hamill in. Don Perata backs Kerry Hamill. Kerry Hamill would NOT be running against Henry Chang. Chang out; Hamill in.

    This is how Oakland has achieved it’s eminent stature in the world. Active, effective, fair and unbiased Democracy with fair elections, educated and engaged citizenry and the resultant highly competent, effective government we hold in such high esteem

  3. Jonathan C. Breault

    Oakland would be so much better off if legitimate, independant voices were elevated to a status commensurate with their passion and efficacy. Real change in Oakland is so necessary yet each election cycle brings to same sorry result. Different faces; same cabal. A guy like Charles Pine, independant, serious and absolutely correct in his proclamation that Oakland MUST have at least 1100 sworn officers on the force. This information was conveyed to Jerry Brown and the council years ago when a high priced study was solicited and paid for by the taxpayers and nothing was ever done about it. The fact that getting a real police force in Oakland is so stupefyingly difficult is testimony to the real beliefs and attitudes of the Oakland City ‘Council. I don’t beleive them for one minute when they proclaim that they finally get it. They don’t. Oakland has an appallingly dysfunctional economy with an unbelievably high percentage of “leakage” i e. money leaving town because very, very few businesses thrive in Oakland and as a consequence few choose to locate here. Pine has the priorities correctly aligned. A real police force will make an enormous difference to the business community and will make streets much safer for law abiding people. This will naturally make business people more amenable to operating in Oakland and the economic activity will benefit the city. Right now Oakland is a veritable wasteland. There is just very, very little here relative to normal cities of this size. Pine is a good first step in bringing Oakland back into the civilized world.

  4. Josh Abrams

    Just as an FYI – if an incumbent does not run for a seat the filing deadline is extended five calendar days (not business days) which means that anyone can still pull papers and file them before COB Wednesday 3/12.

  5. maui

    Charlie Pine has been advocating and demanding more police for years. He is someone who can start to bring change to the Oakland City Ccouncil. He is down to earth, and makes good sense. We need him. We don’t need a Perata Surrogate. Perata spent one day in Oakland recently and it cost us $170,000 to buy overpriced guns from nevada gun dealers. Perata didn’t have the sense to limit the gun buy-backs to Oakland residents.

    Oakland was not built to be a ghetto. It is a great city, saddled with corruption. We need people who want to make it better, more than they want to have power. Pine is a good first step in bringing Oakland back into the civilized world.