Oakland On the Move

Have you guys been around 12th and Broadway lately? All that work going on around the Clorox building is a real pain, so I’ve been trying to avoid the intersection as much as possible until it’s over.

But I’m going to make a point of walking by there soon, so I can see in person this adorable temporary mural that is now spicing up the ugly construction fence, which I was just alerted to yesterday by this nice note from Broadway Shuttle Project Manager Zach Seal:

Look at this beautiful temporary mural. It depicts BART, the Broadway Shuttle, a bicyclist and a skateboarder on the side of a temporary wooden walkway at 12th and Broadway, adjacent to the Clorox building construction site. The wording in the box on the shuttle reads “On the Move,” a reference to what the artist perceives as positive momentum building in Oakland.

Zach has kindly agreed to allow me to share some photos he took of the mural with my readers. Here you go!

Oakland 12th Street Temporary Mural

Oakland 12th Street Temporary Mural

Oakland 12th Street Temporary Mural

I wish we could see more cheery temporary art like this around construction sites in Oakland.

Oh! And if you want to keep up with news about the Broadway Shuttle, you can find it on both Facebook and Twitter.