Oakland Focus interview with John Russo

Zennie Abraham has a really interesting interview up with City Attorney John Russo over at Oakland Focus. It’s long (35 minutes), but definitely worth watching.

Some of the highlights:

On the recent elections and the entrance of candidates like Sean Sullivan onto the Oakland political scene, who do not easily fall into either of the traditional political camps we’re used to seeing:

You’re starting to see ferment and chaos and breakdown of what has been about 25 years of this two sided equation. And I don’t know where it goes, I don’t know where it ends up, but it’s going to be very exciting for the city, because I think it’s going to mean more choices for the public, and more open and healthy discourse about issues that have been ideologically polarizing.

And on the lack of young blood in local politics:

Baby Boom politicians have done a uniquely bad job of bringing along new talent. And there are a lot of theories around that. Is it because the Baby Boom generation, having grown up self-identified as the youth generation, cannot conceive outside of itself being the youthfulness, and therefore, doesn’t think of itself in a role as sort of wiser, older, mentoring younger people along and prefers to point the finger at younger people?

I couldn’t help but laugh at the part with all the distracting sirens in the background. Part of my job involves conducting interviews and creating podcasts from them, which I do from my computer here in my very noisy apartment. I can’t tell you how frustrated I get on the frequent occasions when I get sirens blazing in the background, ruining my interview, while I’m trying to talk. I love Oakland.

2 thoughts on “Oakland Focus interview with John Russo

  1. Max Allstadt

    There is also a very funny little piece of evidence in this interview that tells us that Russo reads your blog, V.