Oakland crime stats update

People seemed to like the last chart like this I made when I put it in a comment. I find it interesting. Do you guys? This takes me like five minutes to make, so if people want to see regular year to date updates on crime numbers, I can start making them a normal weekend feature.

Anyway, below you’ll find 2007 and 2008 numbers reported for Part I crimes in Oakland as of June 19th (xls!).

7 thoughts on “Oakland crime stats update

  1. oakie

    Crime stats one year to the next tend to show a great deal of noise/random walk behavior. Ron Oz likes to start his comparisons with 2000. When you see a change over 5-7 years, then it becomes an eye opener. Is it easy to go back that far? For example, does a decrease of 11% in rapes mean the rapists took a year off for a vacation from their activities? It’s just too hard to see a pattern one year to the next.

  2. Joanna/OnTheGoJo

    I don’t think weekly is necessary… in fact, one issue I have with OPD is that sometimes it takes them a while to file police reports, and at one point I asked them about the reports for the week if a report had not yet been filed. Would it should up the next week? I was told no. If you re-checked the original week, the stats would show the number of crimes at that point.

    That may have changed since I asked – that was over a year ago.

  3. oaklandhappenings

    After this weekend’s 7 (and counting?) homicides, weekly may actually not be a bad idea. It is possible that despite the bad news about the slayings, violent crime overall may have not gone up as much. Looking forward to the next one, V, despite the sad, negative changes.

  4. tagami

    We chatted in the past about the geographical trends of Oakland crime.
    I have my opinions, but do not wish to argue that I am entitled to my own set of facts.
    I did a comparrison of four areas In oakland using “crime watch” and 1 mile radius search for part one offenses and the results indicated that the CBD experienced significant increases compared to other areas and in some cases caused the system to default at 999 counts as the soft ware was not designed to register over 999 counts for a selected period of time.

    Any thoughts ?


  5. Max Allstadt

    Tagami, where was your radius centered? If you set a one mile radius from the Rotunda building, wouldn’t you hit some tough parts of West St. on the opposite side of the 980.

    You might even hit my area, which brings up another even more interesting quandary. I’m seeing WAY more police presence in Ghosttown (Hoover/Foster & McClymonds). Does more presence equal more reporting of crimes, without necessarily more actual crimes?

    Anecdotally, I feel safer in my area than when I moved from Dogtown 2 years ago.

    And also anecdotally, community policing seems to be having an effect. We can do better. NCPCs should be doing team building on every individual block. There should be contacts for the PSOs on every block too, and the PSOs should check in from time to time.