Oakland Crime Stats Update

We haven’t heard much lately about crime in Oakland. Maybe it’s because people were distracted with elections or the economy or the budget or who knows what else. Maybe it’s because people lost interest once the spate of restaurant robberies subsided. In any case, I figure it’s about time to check in. So here you go, Oakland crime numbers, 2007 and 2008, as of November 4th.

Consistent with trends over the last several months, property crime is down, total crime is down slightly, but violent crime is up, with homicides hovering roughly even with last year and aggravated assaults significantly higher.

10 thoughts on “Oakland Crime Stats Update

  1. Max Allstadt

    I’ve heard people complain that we have more police, fewer arrests, and more crime compared to last year. The “fewer arrests” talking point is the only one that I take issue with. The number of arrests is a stat that has limited bearing on the quality of arrests. When the cops took down the Acorn Gang, they made a couple dozen arrests, which were way more important than the likely hundreds of arrests they might have made for things like drunk&disorderly or street level drug dealing.

    The fact that crime is up, particularly violent crime, is what we should be focusing on.

    Oh and speaking of crime and police, has the OUSD fired Arturo Michel yet? Or sanctioned him in any way? The guy is their police chief and he just humiliated their entire department by behaving in an incredibly unprofessional manner on video. He should lose his job simply for being dumb enough to think he wasn’t going to end up online looking like a jerk.

    We have the chief of OUSD police using language that could get an OUSD student suspended or detention, and he’s thus far unpunished. Not OK. Neither is violating the freedom of the press.

  2. David Oertel

    This OUSD chief seems like a pretty typical cop to me, except for the language. But the lying and thuggishness are common if you are poor and you are off of their “client” list. Anyway, consider that politicians with cozy police ties tend not to be very popular. This video shows you why.

    And do you think that though this chief is obviously a thug, that he has helped to create an organization with cultural sensitivity and with a respect for civil rights? What kind attitudes would teenagers develop towards authority when they experience it in this way over-and-over?

  3. oaklandhappenings

    Doesn’t it seem that since Tucker took leave, that crime has gone down? Is Howard Jordan doing something more effective than Tucker that is leading to a drop? I have heard/read very few reports of shootings/stabbings in recent weeks, and the homicide rate has dropped. Speaking of which, when was 112?? The murder along with the suicide was #111. Did the Trib forget to report one, or was there a death today from a past assault?

  4. V Smoothe Post author

    Crime rates 2008 vs. 2007 have remained pretty steady since the beginning of the summer. The numbers above are from OPD’s November 4th Daily Crime Report.

  5. DontBotherDelores

    Max your comment makes no sense.
    It doesn’t matter that Edgerly’s nephew tipped them off.
    What matters is that those caught were let go because those caught had no substantial charges to hold them on.
    In other words, when the police need a headline, arrest a bunch of black kids in the projects and call it a major bust and then when one by one, two by two, they be let go, no one notices.

  6. Max Allstadt

    If Edgerly hadn’t called her nephew, one would think that the OPD would have been more likely to catch some of the gang members red handed with weapons or narcotics. Edgerly appears to be a caricature of government corruption.

    I don’t disagree that the problem is systemic, nor do I believe in the drug war. My feeling is that as long as they’re non-violent, drug traffickers should be left alone. Unfortunately, it seems that the vast majority of homicide in our city is related to the game.

    It may be that some of the folks the OPD rounded up were innocent. In any major gang bust, isn’t it usually the case that a large percentage of those arrested end up walking? Some are lucky and are caught clean. Some snitch their way out. Also, gangters know the system, and if they’re smart they make sure that only one or two people are holding contraband at any given time. The only way to ensure that you catch the right ones is to haul in everyone who appears to be affiliated. There is unfortunately a fine line between hauling in known associates and just grabbing everybody. Without access to confidential information from OPD and the DA, we really can’t tell whether any of those arrested were brought in mistakenly. We also don’t know if any of those arrested jumped bail. There’s a lot we don’t know.

    Were the police in particular need of a headline that day? If you’re accusing the cops of hauling in random teenagers with no evidence, isn’t it hypocritical to make your accusation without evidence of your own?

  7. len raphael

    considering that opd has stated that they are very understaffed on investigators to the point where they can’t do stake outs for anything short of major felonies, it shouldn’t be surprising that a mass roundup of gang members would be a political grandstanding “show the public that we’re doing something about crime” instead of the culmination of solid investigation. no way opd was depending on the suspects to be carrying guns or holding drugs in order to get convictions.

    how much opd used out of town cops, and the feds for the investigation is not known.

  8. SF2OAK

    Instead of haveing a pseudo intellectual argument whether crime rates are rising and falling please do a little other basic math. I’d say we’re about 300 days into the year. 112 homicides mean about 1 killing every 3 days. Almost 23 reported violent crimes per day and just about 3 times that rate for reported property crimes to an unbeleivable 60 crimes per day. I don’t know exactly what “Part one” crimes are (b/c when you add up total violent crimes and total property crimes they don’t equal the total that the chart shows I get 24, 846 when adding these 2 #’s) But that total is almost 83 crimes per day. These figures are absolutely outrageous. I don’t know why people aren’t taking this seriously That is at least 83 VICTIMS per day, I would say the victim pool is even greater families are victims when crimes occur so the multiplier effect may be huge. Our lame ass mayor in his campaigning said he’d need to study the problem. Not really, only b/c he’s lame- what needs to be studied is how we should deal with the problem- should we bring back stocks in the public square? pink jail suits for inmates, mandatory expulsion from ever entering Oakland again, shackles, hard labor? What will get this crime rate down? Meanwhile you rarely hear of what happens to a criminal after arrested, convicted & sentenced. What will I do I think I’m going out and buying stock in Corrections Corp. of America