Oakland benefits from the misfortunes of other cities! Or not.

You may have read in the Trib on Friday that Oakland’s chances of fully staffing the police department this year are pretty good, because we have less competition than usual:

He was responding to committee chair Maya Dillard Smith’s question about whether it’s likely the Police Department can recruit so many officers when other agencies are hoping to do the same.

“Two months ago I’d say you’re right on the money when you say we’re in real competition with other agencies,” Tucker said. “Today, I think we’re not … I think there’s a hiring freeze in San Jose and Sacramento and Vacaville and Berkeley.”

You can watch Oversight Committee Chair Maya Dillard-Smith’s question here:

And here is Tucker’s reference to the hiring freeze (this comes at the end of a much longer response):

Anyway, you’re probably thinking “Hey, that’s good news for Oakland,” right? We never catch a break – lucky us. That’s what I thought, anyway.

But then as I was looking at Police Department websites from those other agencies as part of another post I’m working on, I noticed something. They are hiring! That’s right. If you want to join the San Jose Police Department, you can schedule your written test for June 8th (you can take the physical agility test the date before, and your oral board immediately following your written test). If you’re worried about passing the test, you might want to attend one of their optional pre-test seminars in April and May, or their two practice Physical Agility Tests, also offered in both April and May.

Sacramento’s Police Department is recruiting at career fairs, colleges, and conferences, and will be hosting a written test on Saturday.

Since websites don’t always get updated regularly, I called human resources departments in both cities this morning to inquire about police jobs and in both cases was told that yes, the department is currently hiring. I also asked if there had been a hiring freeze in place that was lifted during the last week. Both women I spoke with seemed to find this question bizarre, but told me that no, they were seeking police recruits just as actively a week ago as they are today.

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