OAC@MTC, and other news

Today’s the big day! The MTC will be voting this morning on whether or not to assign $140 million to the Oakland Airport Connector. The meeting starts at 10:05. If you can’t make it down to 101 8th Street, but are just dying to know what happens, you’ve got a couple of options. One, you can listen to the meeting’s live audio stream. You can get meeting updates on Twitter, where me and dto510 will be posting the highlights.

And in other news:

One thought on “OAC@MTC, and other news

  1. Rebecca Kaplan

    Thanks for coverage on this. I’ll write more later about the substance of this discussion of the OAC, but first, a process issue: Some have asked me why Oakland City Council did not plan to receive an update and take action on this issue until the fall — and I wanted to share the video (thanks V. for uploads) which explains why….