No more cookie parade! SOB!

I’ve totally neglected the blog lately, and I really am sorry for that. It’s just been one of those weeks and I just haven’t been able to find the time. There’s a ton of stuff I’m just dying to talk about, though, so I promise to be back in regular form on Monday. But for today, I’m just going to share some other reading material that you might find interesting.

  • Mother’s Cookies shut down! Tragic! I suppose it isn’t an immediate tragedy for Oakland, since they closed their factory here and we lost those jobs a couple years ago, but I’m trying to imagine a world without the Cookie Parade, and I have to say, it makes everything seem just a little bit bleaker.
  • I really don’t understand people who want to eliminate District elections. Why would we want the Council to be even less accountable to the citizens than they already are? It gives me nightmares to imagine a Council selected entirely by hills voters – we’d have, like, eight Jean Quans!
  • I also disagree with calls for pay-go to be eliminated. I think pay-go is really important, although I do agree that, given the difficult budget situation, it should be significantly cut for the time being. Everyone needs to share the pain. But I just have to say – Henry Chang is not doing any favors for those want to defend pay-go as a legitimate expense by giving $4,000 to the US Tennis Association (PDF).
  • Eric at Transbay Blog wrote a couple of excellent posts on BART to San Jose. Check them out.
  • I don’t know if I’ve had a chance yet to mention Oakland Space Academy here, but it’s a great addition to the local blogosphere. His post about Stand’s Best Picks had me laughing out loud.
  • Also making me laugh out loud this week: the comments from Becks and dto510 about zoning in Black Rock City.

8 thoughts on “No more cookie parade! SOB!

  1. John

    Hi V…thank you for this. Yeah, really looking forward to your take on the combined Zoning Update Committee and Landmarks Preservation Advisory Board meeting on Monday this week and the rezoning of the Central Business District (CBD) generally.

    The direction of the rezoning in the CBD has evolved from one utilizing six large, broad-brush height, bulk, and density zones into an approach utilizing a “Fine Grain” approach. I, for one, support the Fine Grain approach because it recognizes that height limits in historic districts and at the edge of Lake Merritt may be necessary in order to preserve the integrity of those areas.

    Recognizing and preserving the integrity of historic properties through zoning will also provide clarity and certainty to the development community by identifying those areas which are most appropriate for high density and high-rise development projects.

    It was refreshing to see the interaction between the ZUC and the Landmarks Board; both have put a lot of time and good energy into the effort so far.

  2. Elusis

    V – do you have any thoughts on the races for superior court judge and the two AC Transit director positions? (on my ballot are the at large and Ward 2 races). I’ve got most of my other votes figured out but I’m lacking much info there. :)

  3. VivekB

    I’d second eliminating district elections. However, chip doesn’t go nearly far enough. Don’t replace the positions with 8 at-large positions, eliminate the city council in it’s entirety.

    I have yet to see how having a City Council adds value due to the numerous issues Chip has raised throughout the years, just save the money and spend it free tiddly winks & slinkys for every oakland resident. that would actually be entertaining to watch.

  4. Chris Kidd

    What about Bakesale Betty’s? Weren’t they supposed to open a store in the DTO around Grand & Broadway?

    Even if we’ve lost Mothers, there’s still Ladyfigers. They’re an Oakland institution and their tarts are freakin’ delicious.

  5. mojowrkn

    The USTA has a very successful program in Oakland. The kids in these programs are introduced to groups they would never interact with otherwise. Anything that keeps the kids off the streets and on the playground, playing field or court is money well spent IMHO.

    _John D, Oakland

  6. V Smoothe Post author

    I don’t support any use of pay-go money that isn’t limited strictly to Oakland. It’s totally inappropriate for us to be giving local taxpayer money to a program whose services span all of Northern California.

  7. V Smoothe Post author

    Elusis, I’m going to try to write about all the races (judge, AC Transit, EB Mud Director, EBRPD director) over the next two weeks.