No Measure Y Oversight Committee meeting on Saturday

The Trib reported today that the Measure Y Oversight Committee would be meeting on Saturday to complete their recommendations for the City Council. That meeting has now been cancelled “due to defective notice.” The Sunshine Ordinance (PDF!) requires that regular meetings are noticed to the public and agendas are made available 10 days before the meeting. For special meetings (which this was), they only need 48 hours notice. Agendas for this meeting were sent out to subscribers on February 6th. I’m not 100% clear on why it had to be cancelled (perhaps the agenda and notice were e-mailed out, but not filed properly with City Clerk or publicly posted? Who knows – I shouldn’t speculate, I guess), but there you go.

You can download the draft version of the Semi-Annual Report (PDF) here. Overall, I think the recommendations are good and well considered. I’m not going to comment on them beyond that until they’re finalized.

UPDATE: The meeting is now scheduled for Wednesday, February 13th. 6:30-9:00 PM. The meeting will be held in the City Council chambers. Annoyingly, it conflicts with a fairly important Planning Commission meeting. Alas.