Nancy Nadel cares about your health, but only until she gets her way

During her seven month long crusade to ban smoking outside, Nancy Nadel couldn’t stop making snotty speeches about how much she worried for the health of her constituents. She was doing this for them – not only for all the kids she represents for whom secondhand smoke is “just as deadly as a bullet”, but also for all of us who were happily killing ourselves with the cancer sticks.

In September, at the first City Council meeting when the ordinance was discussed, she smugly informed the two dozen people who came to speak against the law that she had added to her website information about local smoking cessation assistance resources and implored us to go look at them.

So this morning, when I decided I needed that exact information, I remembered her offer (that level of self-righteousness really is unforgettable) and went to said website, a little bit thrilled that Nancy Nadel was about to be useful to me for the very first time. Here’s what I found:

Do you see anything about smoking cessation on here? Yeah, neither do I. (The County provides this list (PDF!), although I’m not sure how current it is.)

Apparently Nancy Nadel’s heartfelt desire to help her constituents kick the habit lasted only as long as it took to get her smoking ban passed.

3 thoughts on “Nancy Nadel cares about your health, but only until she gets her way

  1. Nancy Nadel

    This link to our website is an old one. at under Parent/Health Resources (which your depiction doesn’t have so it is quite old) we have a link to resources. So quick to judge. Did you say whether you are a smoker?

    Best wishes,


  2. V Smoothe

    The link provided in Ms. Nadel’s comment is a forwarding-only address that forwards to the exact page I link to in the post (and isn’t even set up to cloak!). The image above is a screen capture of Ms. Nadel’s webpage taken the morning this blog was posted, less than a week ago. What read “Parent Resources” on the day this was posted and did not provide any smoking cessation resources has since been updated. It now reads “Parent/Health Resources” and still fails to offer any information about local smoking cessation resources, but does provide links to some very general pages, like the CDC’s smoking website.

  3. one of nancy's unhappy constituents

    Nancy has been a disaster for her constituents. She acts on only the most meaningless things and is incredibly petty. Crime, slumlords, economic opportunity, dangerous streets — if you want those issues tackled you’ll vote for anyone but Nancy Nadel.