More public safety funding, no new taxes

I don’t know why the local press has ignored Ignacio De La Fuente’s proposal of a 10% redevelopment agency set-aside for public safety resources. dto510 blogged about it on Future Oakland, but I have seen no mention of it in the newspapers. Why? With rising concerns about crime among Oaklanders, shouldn’t we be talking about the fact that the Council President has announced several initiatives to address problems with police recruitment and funding? That’s got to be at least as important as a pro-peace block party, right?

For 2006-2007, the tax increment was $81,934,074 (PDF!). 10% of that is over 8 million dollars. And as Oakland grows, so does the tax increment. A lot. I’ve said before that what we need is more long-term, sustainable funding for our police force, and I’m delighted that someone has found a way to provide that through existing revenue.

Who knows when you’ll get to read about this in the Trib or Chronicle. But you can watch De La Fuente himself discuss his plans on Novometro’s Tagami Vision.

4 thoughts on “More public safety funding, no new taxes

  1. Incredibledaze

    Our reporters can’t leave their buildings with all the smokers standing outside spewing their cancer causing 2nd hand smoke so they can’t do actual reporting, ok?

  2. V Smoothe Post author

    I have a funny story about that, actually. After the smoking item was finished at Tuesday’s meeting, I was standing outside City Hall with a group of people who had spoken against the ordinance. When the American Lung Association squad walked passed us, they all started loudly and dramatically fake coughing and choking. Which typical behavior of anti-smoking activists (although in my experience, you tend to get a better response if you just politely ask the smoker to move or extingush) , but in this case none of us were smoking. Can’t they tell the difference?

  3. Deckin

    I think that De La Fuente (after a seemly period of respectively waiting for Dellums to do something) has realized that we’ve pretty much seen the extent of the Dellums administration, so it’s time to actually put some ideas out there that are both doable and workable. He has a bit of a dance to perform. He can’t be seen to be laughingly dancing at the early funeral, but then again, he should be putting something out there. Dellums’ new staff is now saying we’ll be getting a major policy initiative on crime (another one!) soon. I’m guessing that’s going to be something of a biennial event for them: announce a major initiative is coming and then (to a room artifically packed with loud supporters) announce the same non-policy he’s been pursuing and blame the press. I’m guessing two more of these and Ignacio can open up his campaign office for the 2010 race.