More in the endless saga of the police recruitment plan

Today’s Trib has a follow-up story about the Public Safety Committee’s changes to Dellums’s police recruitment package, this time with a little more detail. Apparently, the Committee only reduced the advertising request by a third, leaving $1 million for the police department to fund their 12 week media blitzes.

Samee Roberts apparently thinks that this will make it tougher to reach people in New York:

As for the marketing, Samee Roberts, the city’s marketing director, said a reduction from $1.5 million to $1 million would hinder the city’s ability to launch a national campaign to find new recruits.

She said that with a $1 million budget, marketing and advertising would focus primarily in the nine-county Bay Area and secondarily on other locations in the state.

Only a few select markets outside of California would be targeted.

I was actually pretty surprised when I read that, since the funding request (PDF!) explains that the money would be used to:

Saturate local, regional and statewide media markets, including print media, radio, TV, internet, and job fair presence, prioritizing media markets with proven track records.

In other news, I am in pretty much complete agreement with Nancy Nadel for the first time, um, ever:

Councilmember Nancy Nadel (Downtown-West Oakland) went a step further, saying Dellums was “grandstanding,” but not doing the gritty, detailed work required for such a proposal.

She’s 100% right. The “strategy” is poorly thought out and an inefficient use of money we don’t really have (check back later today for more on that).

Kudos to Nancy Nadel for calling it like it is. Of course, out of everyone on the Council, she should be able to spot grandstanding, since she’s such an expert at it herself. In a particularly stunning example of her hypocrisy, check out this exchange on the Dogtown yahoo group, where Ms. Nadel accuses a local developer of ruining the streets in the neighborhood, and the developer strikes back with photos of the nice, shiny sidewalks in front of their projects side by side with pictures of the code-violating sidewalk Nancy Nadel put in front of her house.

Sigh. Just one more reason to vote Sean Sullivan for District 3.

One thought on “More in the endless saga of the police recruitment plan

  1. William

    The exchange between Nancy Nadel and Kathy Kuhner is shameful – this is not the first time Nancy has accused or insulted a constituent so blatantly and without cause or truth behind the accusations. I am embarrased and angry that my council person would continue to behave this way. I understand Nancy is not pro-growth or pro-development, but those are her feelings alone. The rest of us who live in this neighborhood are sick and tired of excuses for why things don’t get done and being insulted by Nancy for having our own points of view. She, like every other council person, is a public servant, in office to represent and fight for the needs, best interests and desires of her constituents. I am not sure I have ever had any of my needs, desires or hopes addressed by Nancy, even though I have lived here for more than five years and have been very vocal about issues in our neighborhood. My neighbors and I deserve clean, well lit, and well paved streets and sidewalks, that are generally free of garbage and blight and reasonably safe – this should be a bare minimum for what a council person does for their district. Until this episode occurred I was willing to give Nancy another shot, but not anymore – it is time to bring some fresh energy and perspective to my neighborhood and City Council, along with some common decency and respect for me and my neighbors.