Monday is the last day to register to vote

I just wanted to remind everyone that Monday is the final day to register if you want to vote in this November’s election. I’m sort of assuming that everyone who reads this blog is already registered, but you never know. So if you aren’t registered, please do it today.

Registering to vote to almost impossibly easy. Did you know that you can actually do it online? That’s right. You don’t even have to hunt down a registration form at your nearest library or post office anymore. Everything can be taken care of from the comfort of your living room. Or wherever it is that you’re using the internet.

So, assuming you’re registered, chances are you probably know someone who isn’t. Or maybe your friends are registered, but not in Oakland, cause they moved recently. Make sure they get registered here! A couple I know just bought a place in Oakland after nine years of living in Berkeley. The day they moved in, I showed up on their doorstep with a bottle of wine and two voter registration forms. NN, OO, At-large Council: these are all important choices this November that we’re going to have to live with for a long time.

So there you go. Make sure you’re registered at your current address, and make sure your friends are registered. Don’t assume they are! I just found out last week that a friend I’ve known for five years has never voted and never registered. Amazing, isn’t it? So ask, double check, and all that. And remember, it’s super easy. Everyone can register online at

11 thoughts on “Monday is the last day to register to vote

  1. len raphael

    and what i’ve never understood are my many fellow residents who only vote and follow national and state issues/races. ” i don’t follow oakland politics” or “oakland politicians are all crooks” or some such. same people follow national politics either because its a more exciting game or they think that the results will have a greater impact on their daily lives.


  2. Robert

    Oakland politics are very hard to get excited about because even the best candidates are rather disappointing.

  3. Max Allstadt

    Len, Robert.

    Absolutely. Thoroughly infuriating. And thoroughly B-list minds to choose from most of the time.

    That’s why we have to pay attention. Other people won’t and it’s our job to do it for them and point out when there’s a contest that has an A-list mind in it.

    Care and let it be known, and folks come to you for your opinion. Pretty often, they’ll just parrot it….One informed vote becomes one informed plus four who trust him. It’s worth it.

  4. gwen

    You might note that it must be postmarked TODAY so be sure to check the times on whichever post box you drop it off in. The main post office down on 7th Street is open pretty late and I’ve read that some POs are staying open til midnight. You can find your local post office at

    And I didn’t go all the way through but it looks like that Rock the Vote thing prepares a form for you to MAIL; I am pretty sure we still do not have true online registration…

  5. V Smoothe Post author

    Yes, rereading the post, I guess I didn’t make that clear. You will still have to mail in your form. The advantage of online registration is that you don’t have to hunt down a registration form, which seems to be a step that lots of people just don’t want to bother with.

  6. cassie m

    Anyone neding register to vote forms can pick one up at Kerry Hamill’s headquarters-
    24th and broadway right across from the YMCA!

  7. dwhiting

    What is behind the assumption that 100% participation by the electorate is optimal? If eligible citizens don’t bother to register or registered voters don’t exercise that right, so be it. The suffragettes and Freedom Riders fought bravely to ensure equal access to the ballot box, not to make voting a compulsory act.

    And the youth vote? Young people (25 and under) will never turn out at a proportion anywhere close to the general populace for one reason: they don’t have anything at stake. Young people for the most part don’t own property, don’t pay income taxes, and have little (if any) retirement funds to protect. Only two politic issues relate to them individually, abortion and the draft, neither which is likely to be brought to the polls in a definitive manner.

    If people of any age can’t be bothered to vote, after the establishment of motor-voter policies, multiple language formats, and absentee ballotting, well forget ‘em. There are many more elements of our electoral system that need to be reformed of greater importance than gettign laggards to register and vote.

  8. Robert

    Young people actually have far more at stake than older people, they just don’t realize it because it is a long term stake. I will be dead long before the debt that we are racking up right now will be paid off, and current policies have transferred that problem to my son.

    And I only want 100% of the people who agree with me to vote, I don’t care what the rest of them do.

  9. Max Allstadt

    Hey Cassie M,

    I’d like to add that anyone who needs voter registration can pick them up at the local Democratic Party headquarters at 1915 Broadway, Oakland (@19th street). Located conveniently near the BART and Bus Interchange.