Memo to Jean: Jackets are your friend.

When she stood up, you could see that this was actually a pretty cute dress.

Jean Quan

But it is a City Council meeting, Jean. Not a garden party. Put on some sleeves.

9 thoughts on “Memo to Jean: Jackets are your friend.

  1. Douglas L. Saunders

    I am no fan of Jean Quan, but really – why not complain about the substance of her positions, rather than something as trivial as sleeves or no sleeves? Oakland has WAY bigger problems than this.

  2. Douglas L. Saunders

    I’m not sure if that makes much difference, but thanks for the explanation. I don’t think it changes my bottom line though.

  3. Patrick M. Mitchell

    I think the sleeveless look is meant to distract from her “positions”. And it’s surprisingly effective.

  4. Hayden

    She’s just doing her best to average things out with the person in the suit jacket behind her.