Marriages at City Hall last night

So I didn’t really take many pictures of the ceremonies last night at City Hall, because I wanted to just watch and enjoy the occasion rather than being all distracted with my camera.

But since, in typical Oakland fashion, the whole thing started like 45 minutes late, I did have plenty of time to just look around soak in the jubilant atmosphere in the Council chambers, which was just so refreshing (and also to think about how it may have been wise to wear more comfortable shoes). It was incredible to see that room so packed. It was just completely overflowing, which you almost never see, and when you do, the people in the room tend not to be very happy. So this was just totally awesome.

And I also had plenty of time to remember just how beautiful that room is, which sometimes I forget.

And to appreciate the lovely floral arrangements. (They look expensive! Someone should alert KTVU!)

And then, of course, what we all came to see.

I put my camera away after taking the above photo, so that’s all I have to share. But the whole event was just so touching and I was so happy to be there. I was also pleased to see last night, when I ended up watching, by sheer coincidence, the TV news for the second time in two days and probably also in like six months, that KTVU showed the Oakland ceremonies first and also gave us the longest time.

3 thoughts on “Marriages at City Hall last night

  1. Becks

    It was so inspiring to be there and to experience such joy. I was really upset that I had to leave early (I guess I should have planned for it starting so late), but it was well worth the time
    spent waiting. I’m glad I finally got to meet you and Sean!

    Though Sean Sullivan and Rebecca Kaplan were there, I was a bit surprised that I didn’t see any of the current council members except Jean Quan there and none of the other recent council candidates (though maybe I missed some of them?).

  2. Max Allstadt

    Pat Kernighan was there. For those of you who didn’t see it, check out the video on the local news stations sites.

  3. Becks

    Thanks for the correction Max. I imagine though, that if this had happened before the election, we would have seen more council members there.