LWV Oakland explains how they take action tonight

If you spent much time attending candidate forums during this fall’s election season, you already know about the great work the League of Women Voters Oakland does on voter education. Between the dozens of candidate forums they host, the pros and cons presentations about ballot measures they offer to any community group that asks, and the Easy Voter Guides they publish, the League does tremendous work to ensure we have an informed electorate here in Oakland.

Most people are at least somewhat familiar with the League’s voter education and voter registration efforts. But that’s not all the League does. Another big part of the League’s work is advocacy. In recent years, the League of Women Voters Oakland has worked to advance their positions on records management, ranked choice voting, campaign finance, and many other issues.

And if you’ve ever wondered how the League arrives at their various positions and what steps they take to implement their policy goals, tonight is your opportunity to find out. Tonight, at their monthly Hot Topics meeting, the League of Women Voters Oakland will be offering a presentation on how the League takes action:

Nonpartisan and Political: The League in Action

When the League of Women Voters speaks, people listen. After the election the League will continue to address issues that affect all levels of government. How does the League decide when to become involved?

Come hear how the League chooses, examines, and acts on issues that matter to our communities.

The meeting will start with an explanation of the process the League goes through to adopt a position on an issue. This will be followed by an overview of the action process — what the League does to advance a position once it has been adopted. Finally, attendees will be treated to a brief presentation from yours truly about the League’s Observer Corps, where we send members to watch public meetings and monitor them for compliance with State and local sunshine laws.

The meeting takes place tonight, Monday, December 6th at the Redwood Heights Community Center, which is located at 3883 Aliso Avenue. If you’re a driver, it’s located off Redwood Road below Highway 13. For the transit-oriented among you, AC Transit bus #54 takes you right there. You can pick it up at the Fruitvale BART Station.

Hope to see you guys tonight!