Last chance to complete the East Bay Regional Parks District survey!

Remember back in February when I said you guys should take the East Bay Regional Parks District Survey?

Well, you should still take the survey, and the last day to do it is today! It takes like ten minutes to complete. I know ten minutes is kind of a long time, but surely we can all find a way to squeeze it into our day in order to help guide the direction of our regional parks, right?

If you are a dog person, you really, really, really need to fill out the survey, since one of the big issue they’re asking about is whether to further restrict dogs in the parks.

And as I noted before, a really big issue for me is access to the parks, which is extremely poor for people without private automobiles. EBRPD employees I talk to seem to be under the bizarre impression that it is AC Transit’s job to provide regular bus service to their facilities. I don’t see how that’s AC Transit’s mission at all.

In a period of increasingly difficult budgets, AC Transit needs to focus their resources on a core system that gets the most people around the East Bay. Ensuring that everyone in the East Bay is able to access to their facilities located in hard to reach areas is the responsibility of the Park District. If you agree, be sure to note in one of the open ended questions that they should be subsidizing bus service to their parks.

Oh! While we’re on the subject of the EBRPD and equity, I want to mention this fascinating paper a reader sent me in response to the last blog I wrote. It’s long, but if you’re interested in the subject and have some time, Access to Parkland: Environmental Justice at East Bay Parks (PDF) by this professor at Golden Gate University, Paul Kibel is absolutely fascinating. I’ve been wanting to write about it actually, but just haven’t been able to find the time. I’m sure I’ll get to it someday, but in the meantime, it’s worth just reading yourself.

Anyway. Please, take some time out today to fill out the survey and have a voice in the future of our regional parks.